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Caleb and Connor – {Alpharetta and Atlanta Newborn Photographer}

We introduced this sweet duo early last week and we are excited to share more! Caleb and Connor were born 8 weeks early, but are healthy and handsome now at 15 weeks old. Thanks to the L family, it was wonderful meeting you and we can’t wait to see how much the boys have grown in three months.

Alpharetta Newborn Photographer

  • I am not sure how you do it Laura but these are just gorgeous!

  • They are so sweet!! They are all gorgeous, I really love the last one! 🙂

  • these are so great! The parents will be so in love with them!

  • I just can’t believe you got 15 week old babies to do that 🙂

  • Gorgeous, Laura!! How in the world did you get 15 week old babies to pose like that?! You are amazing!!!

  • Oh I just love their expression. They’re already so full of personality. I love your rich colors.

  • Wow, you did such an awesome job with these! The sleepy hugging one is just too cute! And I love that last shot showing off their huge eyes too!

  • Very impressive! I love how you’ve posed them! Beautiful work!

  • Out of this world, seriously. You rock! And these two peanuts are gorgeous both asleep and awake!!

  • What beautiful little ones! These are amazing – wonderful job here!

  • Wow! Love the one of them sleeping. Beautiful.

  • These look great. I love that second one. I love the little fat rolls and the skin tones look awesome!

  • Sweet, sweet twin shots, Laura. Just lovely work.

  • marsha

    These two are the cutest lil guys! And they are even cuter at 6 mos. I think they may break a few hearts as they grow up!

  • amanda pfeiffer

    all of these are just amazing, especially considering the poses you put them in at 15 weeks!!! that last one though…wowie-zowie….can’t get much cuter than that! Please tell me the family ordered a huge canvas of that one!? 🙂 those expressions are priceless and how wonderful that you were able to capture them! 🙂

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