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Feature Friday: So So Creative – {Newborn Posing Workshop Mentoring}

We are so excited to share with you our 1st Feature Friday!
Come meet So So Creative

A little about them….
“We are Loran and Melanie, husband and wife photographer team, who have tried to be smart (a.k.a. – frugal, fiscally responsible or cheap if you like) about growing our photography business. That focus on frugality ultimately lead us to where we are today with SoSo Creative. 
The backstory…we fell in love with this beautiful little community called Serenbe on the outskirts of Atlanta after getting married there in 2008. We quickly decided this was the place to call home and open our photography business. It’s a small community in a stunning location with lots of outdoor backdrops like barns, a farm and a wildflower meadow. Fantastic right? Who needs a studio? It turns out we did in fact need studio space because it’s hard to shoot outside in the rain or to a newborn outside. Ours was a home-based business, which was great, but we quickly ran out of space. That led to a small studio space and here we are today.

So we were smart about slowly working into a studio space but once we got the space comes we needed things like backdrops, lighting, props, etc… Like most of you we wanted to keep the work fresh and new but that gets expensive to keep investing in new props all the time. After searching all over for fun, interesting and most of all reasonably priced backdrops and not finding what we liked we decided we could do something about it. The “A Ha!” moment came when we put it together two very important facts. First we realized we have this lovely large format printer because we do fine art printing for local artists and photographers coupled with the fact that one of us has a graphic design degree. Thus, an idea was born.

We will continue to add new items every month. In addition, to our designs you can also send us your own image and we’ll print it to make you a one-of-a-kind backdrop or floordrop.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for let us know and we’ll do our best to help! Happy photographing!

Melanie and Loran”


For our 1st Feature Friday, So So Creative will be offering 2 backdrops. TWO WINNERS will be drawn at random and they will have their choice of ONE backdrop valued at $50.
So So Creative is now a Sponsor of Baby Business; Laura Brett Photography Workshops & Mentoring. All attendees will receive a 15% off for attending one of our sessions.
The giveaway starts today and will end on Wednesday the 3rd at 5pm!  TWO winners will be selected by random generator and announced on August the 4th.
The rules:

1.) Leave us a comment at the bottom of the post.

2) Like SoSo Creative on Facebook and leave a comment that @Laura Brett Photography sent you.

3) Like Laura Brett Photography if you haven’t already.

4) *Optional for 1 additional entry and chance to Win*.Leave a comment on YOUR fan page, check out @Laura Brett Photography and @SoSo Creative Backdrop Giveaway!

You must complete ALL 3 of the above to win! The 4th one is optional.
Good Luck!
SoSo Creative; The Red Wall – Brick Backdrop

**This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook as read in the updated guideline rules. By entering you are provinding information to Laura Brett Photography and not to Facebook.**

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  • Debbie Skinner

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  • Valerie Quinn

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  • Awesome drops. Good luck to everyone!

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  • Timeless Images by Alison M. Field

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