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Feature Friday: Pooks and Lulu – {Newborn Posing Worshop}

Let’s start the weekend off right with today’s Feature Friday.
Come meet  Pooks and Lulu.  
ppos Feature Friday:  Pooks and Lulu     {Newborn Posing Worshop}

A little about Pooks and Lulu…

I am a proud mommy of two precious little girls and wife to the man of my dreams. Creating pretty things is my passion and to share these things with the world via etsy is absolutely amazing. I am humbled every single day by the orders I receive and feedback that is left. Recently, I have partnered with my Mom, a.k.a. “Grammy Gram”, in order to provide shoppers with some crochet and knit props to go along with their headbands. Grammy Gram was taught to knit and crochet by her Grandmother at a very young age. She is hip, energetic, and simply fabulous! Our collective goal is to design products that are current, original, and well made. We strive to use very high quality materials in each creation. 

Thanks so much for your interest in Pooks and Lulu! 


For this Feature Friday, Pooks and Lulu  will be offering the ever so popular “Madison” headband.
web03 Feature Friday:  Pooks and Lulu     {Newborn Posing Worshop}
The giveaway starts today and will end on September 14th at 5pm.
One winner will be selected by random generator and announced on September 15th.
The Rules: (Click on our names to be directed to our fan page)

1.) Leave us a comment at the bottom of the post.

2) Like Pooks and Lulu on Facebook and leave a comment that @Laura Brett Photography sent you.

3) Like Laura Brett Photography if you haven’t already.

4) *Optional for 1 additional entry and chance to Win* Leave a comment on YOUR fan page, check out @Laura Brett Photography and @Pooks and Lulu


You must complete ALL 3 of the above to win! The 4th one is optional.

Good Luck and Happy Friday!

  • Denise Robinson - I also have an etsy page: Picklejuicehollowa

    Thank you for offering this giveaway! I have completed 1, 2, and 3. I will be posting a Shout so that I have completed 4! Have a great weekend!!

  • Janneke Brakke - Love her work!! And you two combined is magic :)

  • Desiree Hunter - Thanks for the feature and giveaway. I already was a fan of Pooks and Lulu so this is great!

  • Stephanie McKee - Have done all the above, including the optional one. Left the info on my fan page :) :) Thank you so much for the chance to win this beautiful headband!

  • Christina Evans - I am a fan of both and left a comment. Beautiful headband and beautiful image!

  • Desiree Hunter - #2 I like Pooks and Lulu on Facebook!

  • Desiree Hunter - #3 Already a fan of Laura Brett Photography on facebook! You’re an inspiration!

  • Jenny Smith - Beautiful!!!

  • Melinda Walters - That is darling! I love it!
    Thanks to both of you for the opportunity to win it!!

    Mew Photography

  • Krystal Marcoux` - already a fan of Pooks&Lulu

  • Krystal Marcoux` - thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!
    I love her creations, and your photography combined it pure sweetness!!!

  • Krystal Marcoux` - already a HUGE fan of yours!

  • Melinda Walters - I am already a fan of both FB pages!!

    Thanks to both of you for the opportunity to win it!!

    Mew Photography

  • Jenny Smith - #2 I liked Pooks and Lulu on fb.

  • Jenny Smith - #3 I like LauraBrett Photography on fb!!

  • Jenny Smith - #4 Left a comment on my fb page check out Laura Brett Photography and Pooks and Lulu!!

  • Alicia Renee Zimmerman-Geist - AAF of Pooks and Lulu but left some love for you Laura

  • Autumn Goldin - #1 Love awesome giveaways like this! Super cute and fun

  • Alicia Renee Zimmerman-Geist - AAF of Laura Bretty Photography

  • Alicia Renee Zimmerman-Geist - That headband is Gorgeous

  • Alicia Renee Zimmerman-Geist - told people to check you guys out…all four done :)

  • Starla Wise - Added Pooks and LULU to my FB Thanks Laura..already a huge fan of yours ;)

  • Autumn Goldin - #2 Liked Pooks and Lulu on Facebook and left some love too!

  • Autumn Goldin - #3 Already a fan of your facebook page and love your work! Thanks for hosting the giveaway :)

  • Kasey Jenne - I agree with another comment! The combination of your photography with Pooks and Lulu designs are a perfect match!!

  • Kasey Jenne - Already a fan of Pooks and Lulu :) Left a comment though!

  • Nancy - Entry #1. I already a fan of both.

  • Whitney Leigh - I have completed 1-3! Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  • Whitney Leigh - I Just did step 4 :) Thanks again!! (crossing my fingers)

  • Kasandra Jenne - Already a fan of Laura Brett Photography on FB :) I hope this didn’t post multiple times! It kept failing on me!

  • Kasey Jenne - Commented on my fan page and tagged you both :)

  • Nancy - #2, liked Pooks and Lulu already but left a comment

  • Nancy - Completed 1-3. Love both your work and Pooks and Lulu.

  • shantay peterson - Completed 1-3! Hope I win!!!

  • Amanda - I liked both pages, and tagged both on my fan page! Such a gorgeous headband, anyone would be lucky to have it!

  • Danielle - Completed 1 – 3; would love to win this – I am super partial to the name Madison ;)

  • Danielle - Step 4 – complete! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • Mandi Wiebe - Entry 1 LOVE Pooks & Lulu!

  • Mandi Wiebe - entry 2 aaf of pooks & lulu

  • Cindy McFarland - I love this headband…pick me please ;)

  • Aurora - I would love to win this. I have a newborn baby girl shoot coming up too!

  • Elly - Love Love!! Thanks!

  • Erica Shurter - I did all three! :)

  • Erica Shurter - I post the giveaway on my facebook page!

  • Jana Jones - These giveaways are so fun!!! : )

  • Mandi Wiebe - entry 3, aaf of you as well!!

  • Jennifer Polson - Love her and love you! =)

  • Jennifer Polson - I posted it on my fb fan page!

  • Kami - Already a fan of both!

  • Kari S - Already a fan of both on FB. Love her designs!!

  • Crystal - Already a fan of both. Love the headband!

  • Cathy Alger - Like Laura Brett photography,liked Pooks and Lulu & said Laura Brett photography sent me

  • Sabrina - Already like you both!Completed 1, 2, and 3. Having trouble tagging in #4, but will try again! Thanks! Fingers crossed!

  • Cristen Farrell - LOVE this giveaway! I have been admiring this headband for a while now!

  • Cristen Farrell - I already liked Pooks & Lulu from both my personal (cristen26) and business (cristenfarrellphotography) pages. Left a comment from my personal page.

  • Cristen Farrell - I already liked Laura Brett Photography from both my personal (cristen26) and business (cristenfarrellphotography) pages!

  • Cristen Farrell - I updated my fan page to have everyone check out Laura Brett Photography & Pooks & Lulu!

  • Priscilla Cork - love the giveaway!

  • Priscilla Cork - i like laura brett on fb

  • Priscilla Cork - Liked and left a comment at pooks and lulu

  • Milly Houchins - Beautiful headband. It is just what I am looking for.

  • Milly Houchins - Beautiful headband.It is just what I am looking for.

  • Elizabeth Fox - Love your work your images are always breathtaking and I love Pooks and Lulu cute stuff

  • Bianca Hubble - Pick me!!!!!

  • cristina - love the headband!

  • cristina - already a fan of laura on fb

  • cristina - already of fan of pooks and lulu

  • Anett - already a fan of both :)

  • Shara Bierman - Thanks for the giveaway! The headband is absolutely adorable!

  • Shara Bierman - Liked Pooks and Lulu on facebook and left them some love!

  • Shara Bierman - Already a fan of yours on facebook!

  • Michelle Stuhl - Already of a fan of yours and Pooks and Lulu. :)

  • Dana - I like pooks and lulu!

  • Dana - I also like Laura Brett!

  • Nancy Tchilinguirian - Already of fan of Laura Brett Photography.

  • Nancy Tchilinguirian - Already a fan of Laura Brett Photography.

  • Nancy Tchilinguirian - My first comment posted twice – Sorry!
    Now a fan of Pooks and Lulu.

  • Nancy Tchilinguirian - Left some love for Pooks and Lulu.

  • Elizabeth Fulton - Love you both!

  • mandy hein brown - What a great giveaway! Thanks so much! Fingers crossed :)

  • Tami Wilson - I did all three!

  • mandy hein brown - New fan of Pooks and Lulu! Thanks! :)

  • Wendy - LOVE Pooks & Lulu combined with your photography! Excellent combo =)

  • stephanie street - I would love to win that gorgeous headband!

  • Mandy Hein Brown - Thanks so much for the giveaway! Fingers crossed to win this beautiful headband! :)

  • Ashley Singh - I already like both of your pages :D

  • Cherise - I already liked both of your pages, and I like this headband! :-)

  • Mackenzie burch - I did all the steps to enter,fingers crossed I the headband.

  • Mackenzie burch - New fan!entered to win,keeping fingers crossed

  • Beth Orey - I already like you both on FB :o) Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • Beth Orey - Left a shout out to you both on my FB Biz Page – Tip Toe Photography. Thanks! :o)

  • Melissa Smith - LOVE this headband. So adorable :o) Will definitely be checking out all the other goodies from Pooks and Lulu.

  • Hannah - Huge fan of both of you :)

  • Hannah - All 4 done :)

  • Corinne O'Connell - Beautiful!

  • LaRissa - Already a fan but I left a comment. Thanks!!

  • Amanda Miller - Already a fan of yours and now a new fan of Pooks and Lulu. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome headband!

  • danielle m. - what a gorgeous headband!!

  • Lisa Furie - Gorgeous headband! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • danielle m. - i am a fan of laura brett!!

  • danielle m. - i am a fan of pooks and lulu!!

  • Lynley Kirsch - Been a fan of both for a while!!! Thanks for having the giveaway! Love both of you guy’s work!

  • elainec - I LOVE Pooks and Lulu AND Laura Brett Photography! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Brooke Gustafson - I love you both! Excited for a chance to win the Madison headband, had my eye on that one for a while!

  • Betsy Morgan - Thanks for the giveaway! I’m having a little girl in January and am hoping to win this adorable headband!!! :)

  • Lindsey Harwath - So excited for this giveaway! Thanks for being awesome!

  • Jo Thomas - Laura Brett photography is awesome!!! Can’t wait to see more Pooks and Lulu props…

  • Rikki Dymond - Entering to win!!! Thanks for the contest!! 1-3 completed :)

  • michelle burke - Done – adorable headband – thanks for the fun giveaway.

  • Lindsey Harwath - Posted on my FB fan page @LindseyHarwathPhotography

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