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What others are saying… – {Newborn Posing Workshop & Actions}

Mentorship Review – written by Jessica Neumann of Jessica Neumann Photography 

Ever since I found out Laura was doing a workshop I knew I wanted to go. I knew Laura from the photography world for quite a while and was amazed by her growth and talent! I chose to do the 2 day one-on-one since I knew this was something where I wanted her all to myself! 🙂 The environment was comfortable, inviting and I felt at ease asking all the questions I had. Laura was an open book and helped me to understand some of this things that I could not figure out on my own.  I found the posing, marketing and lighting tips and tricks so helpful and I definitely had a few “a-ha” moments while there.

When I got home I was itching to have a newborn in the studio to work with. I had to wait almost 3 weeks, but once I got that little boy in the studio I was so excited to try some of the poses and things I had learned with Laura. I will say that having her workshop gave me the guidance and confidence when working with newborns that I was striving for for a long time. The last two newborn sessions I had went so much smoother than before the workshop . . . the soothing techniques she teaches as well as tips for the parents to prepare the babies for the session were super helpful and led to great sessions.

The fantastic thing about Laura’s mentoring is that just because you are done with the workshop does not mean the help stops there. Laura has continued to help and guide me through my many questions once returning home and whenI started putting my knowledge to use. The only sad part about the workshop was leaving . . . I felt like I could stay and work with Laura and those precious babies a few more days! She made it so fun and by the time I left I felt like I was leaving a friends house.


Mentorship Review – written by Rikki Dymond of Rikki Dymond Photography  

I attended Laura’s Baby Business Workshop in Red Deer, when I arrived I expected to learn about photographing newborns but what I didn’t expect was to walk away with a whole new outlook on my business as a whole. Not only did I learn about working with newborns but I learned so much more. After taking the workshop I feel that I now have the tools and knowledge to take my business to the next level. The information I learned was truly invaluable. This past weekend I photographed my first newborn since taking the workshop and I honestly can’t believe how much my photography has improved. I am so thankful I was able meet Laura, she is an amazing women, a great mentor and someone I will never forget.




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