How many sweet newborns….. – {Newborn Posing Workshop}

As the year draws to an end…..wanna guess how many sweet newborns we’ve captured for 2011?

January 2011 – November 11, 2011

Here’s your chance to win our Complete Action Set valued at $100.

we How many sweet newborns.....    {Newborn Posing Workshop}

The contest starts today and will end on November 16th at midnight.

The person with the closet (or exact) guess wins! If there is a tie, we will pick the winner via
The winner will be announced on Thursday the 17th.

The Rules: (Click on our name to be directed to our fan page)
Only Two Entries will Count

1.) Like Laura Brett Photography if you haven’t already.

2.) Leave us a comment at the bottom of the post with your guess –    1st blog comment. 

3) *Optional*  – Leave a comment on YOUR fan page, check out @Laura Brett Photography with this link. Come back and comment with a link to your facebook page where the link is posted  and post your 2nd guess   =  2nd blog comment

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Good Luck!



Rachel - I already “like” you, and I guess 5 newborns! :)

Nikki Mulkern - My guess is 77, you have so many newborns posted in your gallery in 2011, I hope I am right. Thanks for this giveaway!!! =)

Stephanie Freeman - 311. :)

Nikki Mulkern - Tee hee, I should have read that better, why I though the whole year of 2011 I don’t know. If you could delete my first comment that would be great,lol. My guess is 7 newborns. =)

Carol Anne - If we are including 11/11, my guess is 7.

Stephanie Freeman - Oops. Misread that. I guessed for the whole year. Since 11/11 I guess 12

Tephanie - I already like your FB page an I guess 16!

Marcia Mauskopf - Like your page, love your work. I also guess 7.

Srah H - I guess 4

Amanda - My guess is 13.

melody coarsey - Already a huge fan! I guess 14. :-)

Kristi - My guess is 4!

Cindy Reed - I really “LIKE” you and your facebook page! My guess is 22!

Carol Anne - OK, so FB wall says “this year as of 11/11/2011″, so I’m gonna vote twice. Once for what the blog says (earlier post – 7) and once for what FB says — 463.

Kelly beasley - I’m gonna guess 8!

Joanne Giannetti - 79

Jennifer Tinkham - 52 sweet little ones

TRacy Dennis - 136

Jacqueline M - I guess 257! I’m already a fan!

Shelli Yarbrough - I already “like” your facebook page. I am going to guess 154 newborns because of all the workshops too…:)

Jacqueline M - I’m already a huge fan..and I guess 257! Thanks for the opportunity!

Carrie - I already like you. My guess is 258!

April Moore - 111

April Moore - Oh and I already like your page

Lisa Howard - Already a Fan of your page! My Guess is 52

Karissa Ham - I already an a huge fan and my guess is 152.

Jamie Meoak - Already a huge fan! My guess is 230

Amy Mize - I am guessing 90 newborns for this year so far.

Leah - LOVE your work!!! My guess is …..294 :)

Amy Mize - I’ve posted a link on my page:!/profile.php?id=1384066098

My second guess is 63.

Crystal Fallon - Already a fan :-) My first guess is 146 precious babies!

Olivia Barbosa - I am going to guess 111 :) LOVE your work!!!

Amy Robertson - A fan and my guess is 315. Fun contest Laura! You rock!

Laurie W. - I like your facebook page!

Trina wright - Im guessing 163 newborn squishy babies :) x

dayle - 287

Joy - My guess issss 211

Laurie W. - My guess is 156!

Amanda Mumford - Some of these comments were cracking me up! I am gonna guess 306. :) and I “like” you on facebook.

Angela Schewe - Already a fan…my guess is 301

Heidi Campbell - Already a HUGE fan on facebook… =) My guess would be 211 sweet newborns…? (:

Heidi Campbell

Heidi Campbell - Hmmmm…. after rereading…. my second guess is 1. ? (:

Krista - Oh my this is difficult… My guess is 234 ;) how fun is this!!! You are amazing!!!

Brittany - 311!

Robin Croom - My guess is 300! :)

Dayna Taylor - I guess 474!

Dayna Taylor - my guess is 474

Lynn Blair - I’ve been a fan….my guess is 140. Thanks for the opportunity!

Monica Neira - My guess is 202

Jen L - Already a HUGE fan! I’m going to guess 111!

Olivia Price - Already a fan!
Hmmmm….I’m going to guess 132.

Loni - I have been a fan for a while!! Beautiful work!! 291

Ashlie Sanders - My guess is 350 newborns

michelle burke - My guess is 152! Thanks for the giveaway.

Lindsey Walker - 242

michelle riebeek - I have been a fan for a very long time. I am going to guess… 142

michellehaskell at gmail dot com

Holly Campbell - already “like (love)” you on facebook.

If we are guessing since 11/11 (I hope I read that right!)my guess is 7 newborns!

If you were asking All year I would guess close to 300 :D

Danielle - 143 :)

Schaneon - I’m already a fan and I’m going to guess 97 newborns.

Jennifer Polson - I guess 400

Rebecca Connolly - I have liked your page. My guess is 190.

KatieW - I guess 211, love ya, Katie :)

Laura Matoush - My guess is 208!

Nicole Lowe - Love your blog and LOVED your workshop! My guess will be 360 newborns this year ;)

Tracy W. - 167???

Amanda Alliss - I already “LOVE” you… :) I’m going to guess 178.

Kersten - I guess 240

Erika W. - My guess is 260 newborns! Thanks for the chance to win!

Beth - My guess is 227 newborns!

Melissa Ann - I’m going to guess 179 including all your worshop babies. :)

Kaley Jones - I am already a HUGE fan of yours! My guess is 289 newborns captured so far in 2011 :)

Alisha Reece - Like….well love you on facebook. My guess is 333 little ones!

Amber Burgess - I am a fan of your page on Facebook and my guess is 183

Kristal M - I liked your page on facebook :) my guess is 305

Sarah Fritzsche - Your work is amazing! I guess 318 sweet little newborns.

Jessica Segar - Already a big fan I guess 166

Mary - Already a fan. My guess is 255.

Jessica Segar - Shared your link Second guess is

Beth Sarradet - I already “like” your facebook, and I guess 12 newborns!

Tiffany - Already a fan! My guess is 111!

Lorie Hall - I like “LOVE” your facebook page and everything you do!!! My guess is 347!!

Lorie Hall

Melissa M. - My guess is 197.

raquel e. - already a big fan and I’ll guess 151 newborns for 2011 from January 2011-Nov 11, 2011.

raquel e. - updated my status with a link to laura brett photography and this blog post.

My second guess is: 188

Mandi Wiebe - AAF for a long time!! My guess is 223

nicole moore - my guess is 100

Lorna Kirkby - Already a big fan!My guess is 182!

Amanda Meberg - Already “like” you!! My guess is 157.

Michelle Hrin - Like you and I’m guessing 208

Carol Anne - Posted to my fan page (!/cahartmanphotography)

Second guess: 311

Grace - 175

Kami Heaton - hmmm..I already liked you on facebook…70 maybe. Unless it’s a trick question:)

Irina Babakhanov - I already like your FB page. My guess is 275.

Liane Knack - I “like” you, Laura! ;)
It says January 2011-November 11, 2011…so I will guess 88. :) Fingers crossed!

Tiffany McMichael - already a huge fan! My guess is 197.

Heather Culley - Already a fan! My guess is 204

Juanita Herman - Love your work! Huge fan! My guess is 203!

Juanita Herman - Posted on my page second guess is 111 . Fingers and toes crossed!!!

Julie Towery - 68 total cute little newborns!!

Julie Towery - 68%20total%20cute%20little%20newborns!!

Brooke - I already “like” you – and my guess would be 114 photographed, but hopefully you did not “capture” any newborns. Their parents would miss them terribly.


Tatiana Fowler - Already a big fan! My guess is 95!

jess laneave - already like, LOVE actually :) But I guess 285!

Katie Townsend - My first guess is 316

jess laneave - I linked it on my fb page as well : my second guess is 205

Jamie - My guess is 138, already a fan!

Leslie Campbell - Your work is amazing – I’ve been a fan for a long while now. My guess is 78. Thanks for inspiring me!

Jamie - My guess is 138¡

Kathryn - I “love” your page and my guess is 392!

Leslie Campbell - is the link .

my second guess is 34. Thanks for playin’!

nicole mills - Entry 1 — i guess 174 newborns,i cant wait to hear exactly how many….ur work is amazing!!!! =)

Judith Powell - My guess … 127 :)

wendy Ruhland - My guess is 830 and all were just Beautiful!

Ashley - I big fan – I guess 307.

Danyell - Already friend on FB but my guess is 111

Laura MInard - I am already a fan and have liked your page a LONG time ago. lol My guess for this year is 108.

Dana - hmmm, ok, I know you do a whole lot so I’m going to guess as if you meant for the whole year, and not just 2011 because I’m assuming that isn’t what you meant….317

Lisa Ritter - 183! Already like you on fb!

Vivian Mathias - Already a fan….. 144?

Jocelyn Miller - My guess is 322

Melissa Curry - Already a fan! My guess is 218!

Ali Hammons - I’m thinking this year you have photographed 65 newborns.
I already “Like” Laura Brett Photography! :D

Ali Hammons -

Posted a Link

Sheri Hubbs - I guess 132 babies. ;)

Carrie -

My 2nd guess is 328. :)

Ashley Elliott - My guess is 178!

Dena Powell - 312

Katherine Vess - 175 is my guess and I already love, um I mean “like” ya on Facebook ; )

laine sanders - im a fan and i guess 217, i hope i win!

beth jasinski - AAF, I guessed 123 babies!

jadealayne - I guess 213

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