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Summer’s End….. – {Atlanta Marietta Child Baby Photographer}

As summer draws to an end…we are trying to savor every moment with our kids.

Its the first time in our 5 years of business that we took summer off to spend exclusively with them. Granted we are working weekends, but to spend this much needed time with them has been such a blessing. I am already getting a little teary-eyed thinking of them going back to school in less than two weeks.

Watching them grow and change daily…its been an awakening experience; seeing our children come into their own.

Loosing first teeth, listening to them speak (I mean really listening….not peeking from behind the computer, but attentively listening to every word), watching them make choices and growing leaps and bounds daily!  I feel overwhelmingly proud of them and thankful to have spent these moments with them.

I am reliving their ‘newness’ and I plan to continue these welcome changes even after they go return to school.


We promise a huge catch up post sharing all of our adventures including our Daily Instagram from June and July…so stay tuned!

Big things are happening this fall!

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