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Workshop Feedback – {Auburn Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer}

As we work on future dates for our workshops….we always like to ask our workshop attendees for their feedback.

 We want to know how we are doing, how we did at the workshop and more importantly after the workshop; are we following up for that continued learning via email, workshop based FB group and our Newborn Goodness Forum?

Its important to us…we want to make sure we are evolving and meeting the needs of our workshop attendees.

After reading some of these reviews, we knew we must share!! The reviews bring us such joy, help us grow and make us see that we are blessed to share our passion and love for newborn photography and business with our students.

We continually strive to be better and we appreciate your feedback.   Thank you for helping us grow!


Workshop Reviews below from those that attended between October 2012- March 2013

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“The 2 days I spent at Laura Brett’s workshop gave me a totally different outlook on how to run my own business. I’ve taken another class since then with another photographer and I definitely appreciate the way Laura explained each pose in detail. Another important thing was to see how does a newborn photographer handle a fussy baby. And we were blessed to get 1 fussy newborn model! The way she handled it was awesome! We were still albe to get sufficient shots and the model was in and out in the same amount of time as the calm babies :). Of course her knowledge on studio lighting was flawless and guaranteed a perfectly lit picture each time, if done properly :). The classroom part of the workshop was very comfortable and open. I felt no question was stupid and her answers were very understandable. I’m looking forward to using everything she taught to take my newborn photography to the next level!”   –  Roxanne Marks Photography

“The Newborn Goodness Workshop was such a terrific learning experience!  My “former life” was spent as a corporate trainer, and I will admit that when I read the Workshop Details, I “knew” there was no way it could cover all of the things that were mentioned. However, after a few botched newborn sessions, this workshop was financially worth it for me to pick up the details of safely posing baby, learning some good soothing techniques, and getting a couple of nice shots for my portfolio.  I’m SO pleased to say, however, that the workshop was all of those things listed above – and an incredible amount more!!! Workflow, editing, lighting, safely moving baby and backgrounds around, presentation, business tools…and the toughest part of it all – how to politely communicate (firmly) with mommy and daddy (and siblings!!)  Best of all – each photographer in attendance was able to INDIVIDUALLY shoot every background & pose with both of the newborns. Laura set us all up for success every time around – making sure that we all shot beautiful images.  Laura is extremely organized and straight-forward, and she delivers so much more than any itinerary could ever list. The Newborn Goodness Workshop is the best investment that I’ve made for my business!”  – Kerri Cook 

“I loved this workshop! I have been in business for a few years now, and have attended many workshops, but this one was by far the best! Laura is super funny and real! She was so open with us, and tells it like it is, I just loved that!!! She taught us how to work smarter, not harder, I really needed this! She teaches how to prep clients pre-session, and how to photograph sessions more efficiently, so we can be more profitable as a business – so important! She went over everything, and answered ALL of our questions. We practiced shooting (not overshooting!), went over dealing with clients, optimizing our websites, best business practices, where to shop, what to buy, setting up and refining our pricing, and selling our work. It was a full day of information, with lots more that we got to take home and study. I left energized and excited to apply everything that I had just learned! My work improved immediately, this workshop was worth every penny invested. Thank you Laura! ”  – Melissa Landres Photography 

“I recently attended Laura’s two day workshop at her in-home studio.   The workshop is well worth the money and we learned literally  EVERYTHING there is to know about studio lighting and workflow. I was thrilled she shared so much with us and she was willing to reshoot,  review our photos etc every single time we asked. She made sure that we were getting the shots we really wanted and offered advice on how to get better angles/lighting etc. There was so much we learned but the best thing of all (I felt) were the little tips and tricks that you can only learn from a pro like her who’s been doing this for years. There are certain things that you just don’t think of that can cause a session to run super long and really, if you would have just tweaked a few small things it can make the session so much shorter. I was present for three newborn sessions and while the sessions were short, the mothers were never rushed nor was Laura. The atmosphere was amazing even with one little one who was a bit fussy. Thank you so much Laura for such an amazing experience! The info I took away is truly priceless!!”   – Colleen Strong Photography

“When we decided to expand our knowledge of photographing newborns, we wanted to go to the best. We had been following Laura’s work for quite some time, and thought she would be the perfect match for us. I expected to see a few sessions, have some questions answered, and walk away with some general knowledge of how to better our craft. What we walked away with was not only a thorough understanding of a newborn shoot, but a MUCH better plan of how to grow our business, work with clients, decrease our editing time, etc. This workshop far exceeded our expectations! Laura was extremely thorough and patient in her teaching, and absolutely amazed both Angelynn and I on the knowledge she was willing to openly share with us. In the weeks since our workshop, she has answered countless emails from us, and truly made us feel like our workshop and learning did not end when we walked out of her studio. What an incredible experience!! Thanks Laura!!!” –  Kara Edwards

” I attended the 2-on-one mentoring session. It was amazing. It is the first time I’ve been to a mentoring session (as opposed to a workshop with lots of other attendees). I think I’m totally spoiled now. I think learning in a small group environment is a much better way to learn (for me, anyway). It allowed for a lot more time to practice what Laura was teaching without having to compete for shots with a class full of other photographers. I learned that I was giving up too easily in posing the newborns and to just take my time when posing them. I learned a very methodical way to ensure I get a variety of poses and how to move through the shots sequentially. I think this will drastically reduce the length of time of my sessions, giving me back more time to be with my family. Overall, I feel I now have much more confidence when working with the babies.”  –   Lilac Blue Photography

“My workshop experience was amazing! I felt like Laura was unlocking the door to all the secrets of newborn photography. From the little posing tips to the business planning, every single bit was very helpful. I was lucky enough to attend a workshop in the very beginning of my professional career, so I feel like I am starting off on the right foot. I have photographed 4 newborns since my workshop 2 months ago and each one is getting smoother and easier. The flow in my sessions is going better and I am taking less time shooting, getting better quality photos, and spending less time editing as well. I think I am appearing more confident and professional to my clients too! I also found all the takeaway information helpful. From the referrals for lighting equipment to a resource for wraps, all those things make my business better.”  kelly Frankenburg 

” First of all I just want to say the Laura you are super sweet! I don’t think anyone else could have made me feel more comfortable. Laura answered any and all of the questions I had and was an open book. I came with a list of questions, and over the course of 2 days she answered every single one of them. Laura followed the course outline to a tee and to my disbelief we really did do 4 newborn shoots, all 2 hours in length. Something I thought could never be done. Two of the newborns we photographed were fussy, so yes, a 2 hour session with a fussy baby can be done!  I learned the “flow posing” of a newborn shoot, which was huge for me in helping me to keep a rythem to my shoots. I left knowing exact camera settings, light placement and strobe settings. These were biggies for me. I wasn’t sure how to use a strobe, and left feeling completely comfortable purchasing one and using it ever since.  Before your workshop my shoots would run a minimum of 3 hours, but were generally 4 hours long. I think I am most happy about this, as I have some more free time! Thanks so much Laura, you have forever changed the way I run my newborn sessions.   ~ Simply Said Photography 

” Laura was and still is a lifesaver when it comes to newborn photography. I had no clue what I was doing when it came to photographing newborns and to be honest I was petrified when it came to handling them. Laura helped me put all of my fears aside and coached me with the best practices when dealing with newborns. While I am still learning (practice, practice, practice) to get comfortable with posing, Laura has been there way past my workshop to help me through. I cannot speak highly enough of her and all that she does. Anyone thinking of attending her workshop should stop thinking and just do it. Working one on one with Laura was the best decision that I have made in my career when it comes to newborn photography. You can have the cutest and best props in the industry, but without the knowledge that Laura provides, you truly have nothing.  – Lauren Drummond

“Laura’s newborn goodness workshop has been instrumental in jump starting my business and my image of being a top notch newborn specialist! Laura’s workshop was impressively organized and incredibly informative. With Laura’s teachings and guidance I can now execute many of the newborn poses that I have struggled with in the past. This workshop was well worth the money and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to perfect their newborn posing and learn the ins and outs of the newborn photography industry!”  – Robin Marchadour Photography 

“Laura was so helpful! Her knowledge of not just newborn posing, but lighting, and overall business structure was phenomenal! I learned so much more than just how to soothe and pose a baby! Things like how to take my business to the next level that will help me years from now! Since going to the workshop she has been more than helpful with any questions I have had! I think the two best things I brought back from her workshop were the studio lighting advice (it really does help your workflow and make your work so consistant!) and the business marketing tips! Thank you so much Laura for offering mentoring! I am so glad I came! – Lacey Barnwell 

“Before I went to the workshop I never had a plan of attack on how my newborns sessions would go. I never thought of session flow – I truly didn’t believe it was an option. I felt like the newborn ran the show. While that is true Laura shows you how to get in control and make the most of your session for you and your clients. The information on lighting was huge! I have such a calm feeling now dealing with my newborns while before I was almost praying that the inspiration for poses would just come as I settled the baby. Poses I never thought I would be able to nail in one session are now a cake walk to achieve at every session. She showed me the ability to take my business to the next level and really truly wants me to be very successful. But I haven’t even stated why Laura is better than any other workshop out there yet! Because she allows you to continue you from her on the newborn goodness forum. She has sections for just us who attended the workshops to continue to ask questions because things we forgot about at the workshop. It was the best investment for my business. I really hope to rejoin her in 2013 for a little follow up workshop!” – Amanda Mumford 

” The workshop was very informational! I felt pretty comfortable posing infants before the workshop, but it helped me focus more on the details of each pose. Learning how not to “overshoot” each pose was very valuable to me as well. I usually end up with way too many shots to choose from and edit. Laura’s process of shooting, editing, and presenting the photos will save me tons of time! Thank you!-  Elise Photography 

” This was a fabulous hands on workshop to attend. Laura was very patient and allowed all of us the opportunity to photography each pose and see how she soothes babies and executes poses. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn newborn photography. ” – Jennifer Palumbo

” I  have been following Laura Brett’s work for a few years now, and have always thought about taking one of her workshops. What I admire the most about her work, besides the perfect posing and unique styling, is her ability to use studio light to create such a soft natural look. I have been using natural light for the past 2 years in my own newborn photography business, but would like to invest in studio lights. Laura explained exactly how she achieves her natural light look – I could immediately see how I could improve consistency in my images, and therefore speed up my workflow. It was amazing to watch her work with the little newborns, soothing them and posing them, while explaining everything she was doing to us. The workflow portion of the workshop was one of the main reasons I attended, and I found it changed a lot about how I edit and then proof images for clients. Laura was so open to questions, not only at the workshop but afterwards too. I am very glad I attended the workshop – it was an amazing experience. Thank you Laura!” –  Kyla Baker Photography

” I enjoyed the workshop a lot…it is always great to see someone else work with newborns and how they handle them and different situations. Sometimes, you may think it is some sort of “magic” that happens, when it may just be good ole common sense. For example, I had an “aha moment” when I learned that Laura asks the new moms to bring a bottle to the session even if they are breast feeding! What a time saver!! I really enjoyed how Laura broke it all down for us: the 5 shots. And then how to “build” onto the different poses for various looks. It was great to see her in action with changing backdrops as well.”   – Wendi Hiller Photographer 

“I had such an amazing time with Laura at her workshop. I had never been so nervous to meet anyone LOL. Laura always says she’s an open book so ask questions and she truly is. Even after the workshop she’s answering my questions. I considered myself a good photographer going into her workshop but the difference not only in my photographs but confidence & time I’m saving is overwhelming. Everyone that knows me has told me your work has transformed you’re the best newborn photographer. I needed Laura to help me see how truly great I could be. I grew not only as a photographer but as individual. I recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to truly grow their business. I wish I would have taken it sooner it’s an investment you won’t regret. Thanks Laura! Charlotte’s Best Newborn Photographer **Wink**”  – Michelle Niera 

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this workshop, and learned a TON of stuff to improve my own workflow. I made the trip to Alpharetta, and I am so glad that I did. The opportunity to see firsthand the space that Laura uses, along with seeing her large inventory of blankets, hats, etc gave me lots of new ideas to use in my own studio. Laura was very open to answering questions, and was very patient with all af the participants. The small size of the workshop also allowed the participants to spend a little extra time getting the shot that they wanted. Overall, it was a very well done and worthwhile workshop!”  – Lynn Fulton Photography 

“I absolutely LOVED mentoring with Laura Brett! She covered everything from poses to transitioning of the babies. I’ve attended a workshop before and learned quite a bit from it but didn’t come out feeling like I knew that much about Studio Lighting… with Laura, she made it simple to figure out!  Another thing I really liked about the workshop, was that it was very intimate. There were only 4 attendees total, so we all got our questions answered and we were able to all work together without feeling rushed. I can honestly say, that since I’ve been back from her workshop, my Newborn Sessions have gone from 3+ hours each to only 2 hours and I’m working on cutting that back some too! 🙂  Thank you so much Laura!”  – Jessica Mitchell Photography 

I enjoyed the workshop a lot…it is always great to see someone else work with newborns and how they handle them and different situations. Sometimes, you may think it is some sort of “magic” that happens, when it may just be good ole common sense. For example, I had an “aha moment” when I learned that Laura asks the new moms to bring a bottle to the session even if they are breast feeding! What a time saver!! I really enjoyed how Laura broke it all down for us: the 5 shots. And then how to “build” onto the different poses for various looks. It was great to see her in action with changing backdrops as well.”What impressed me most were the ideas of how to streamline the photography & editing. Getting newborn sessions done to 1.5 hours? Amazing!! Repeating and getting very good at the same shots = brilliant!  I hadn’t used studio lighting very much before attending and left feeling I knew enough to do a newborn session using studio lighting rather than natural light. Can’t wait to try it out.  I appreciated the openness with which you shared your information. From vendors, to lighting information to camera settings to business practices, I feel like I got some great information; I won’t have to do so much trial and error to get great-looking studio pics. Also – the forum is a great resource!”  – Megan Crown

” My experience was AMAZING!!! Being a natural light photographer wanting to grow into studio lighting, I saw so many benefits to the consistency of the studio light. It made my decision to purchase lighting extremely easy. Also the business side of things. Not many workshops offer information on how the photographer runs the business and manages their time. What I learned about blogs/websites/workflows is priceless to me! I had such a great time with Laura and the other workshop attendees. I know I have people I can ask questions and gather more information from. I will be staying in touch on the Forum for sure!”  –  Nikki Mellaci Photography

“Laura was all business which I very much appreciated. When you only have a little time I think that is really important. I wasn’t sure that watching her do sessions would be that helpful but they were really what helped me the most in the process. Real babies, real lights, real parents sitting behind us, real pee. . . Watching Laura do what she was teaching is the only way to learn. We were able to take the shots right along side her. She was open to answer any question we had anywhere along the way. Learning a new way to shoot rekindled my love of newborn photography!”  – Amy Olyer Photography 

“This workshop was exactly what we needed to pull together all the things we have learned and experienced so far when working with newborns! Laura’s personality is fun and welcoming. The studio is so organized and has great ideas for setup. Most importantly, we learned a ton of tips to simplify our process…work smarter not harder! Laura not only focuses on the hands on photography training, but ALL aspects of running a successful business…marketing, SEO, workflow, planning, and more. All the extra information she includes with the workshop is icing on the cake! The post workshop availability is great too! We can’t wait to implement everything we learned and take our business to the next level! Thank you!!”  – Angelynn Tinsley Photography 

“Laura was great. She had no secrets, just told us what we needed to know to produce great pictures. She gave us all plenty of turns to take shots of the models and was patient with all our questions. The workshop size was very small so everyone got plenty of time with Laura and to build on our portfolios. Not only did she help with the actual taking pictures, she helped with the marketing aspect and photoshop secrets. I was a little nervous of the cost of the workshop at first but it seriously was worth every penny! ” –   Julie Moser 

“Your workshop changed the way I do my lighting and I am so much happier with my sessions since I attended. Learning the sequence of shots has saved me time as well. And the help with marketing online was much needed for me. Just in the past few weeks I have noticed a huge jump in visits to my website. I know that as my business continues to grow, I will continue to be so thankful for what I learned with you.” – Alysha Lambourne 

” Laura is an open book, the opposite of trying to sell or push other products and an amazing teacher. The techniques and tricks I learned at her newborn workshop were easy to take home and put to use right away but even if you didn’t absorb everything, you go home with it all in writing, including links to discount fabrics, her own inspiring full galleries and step-by-step instructions complete with flow posing. She’s patient and kind. Overall the best experience and pays for itself with happy, returning clients. It was also great to meet a group of amazing photographers at all levels of the game and to reconnect with each of them online after the workshop.”  –  Heather Brulez Photography 

“I did Laura’s workshop in Las Vegas. I had 4 years of prior experience and was a little worried that I would be relearning the same things I already knew but I was pleasantly surprised. Laura Brett packed tons of things into her workshop, I learned so much about how to pose, edit, the business side, pricing, which props and fabrics work best. I loved that she doesn’t spend a fortune on all her stuff and is always looking for a deal. Laura was an open book and I loved that we got everything in writing afterwords and access to some of her portfolios so we could go back and review those different things we learned. Laura also gives her attendees access to her newborn goodness forum online and I have learned even more there and she has answered all my questions even after the workshop was over. Laura Brett’s workshop is definitely worth the money!”  –Brittany Stucki – Framed Photography 

“Newborn Goodness with Laura Brett was great. She was an open book when it came to answering any and all questions we had, even after the workshop. I would hands down attend another workshop with Laura. I learned so much in a short period of time, and just loved Laura’s personality and willingness and true desire to share. Simple techniques for wrapping the baby, how to keep your hands warm, and lighting tips have all helped me improve my own sessions. More than anything, the business tips and information that Laura so willingly shared have caused me to begin to transform many aspects of my business. She gave me tools to implement into my workflow, daily behind the scenes business, pricing structure, shooting of sessions, and more. Newborn Goodness exceeded my expectations.”  – Meredith Rowe 

“When I first saw that Laura Brett was doing a workshop in Florida I was thrilled. I had always admired her rich tones and gorgeous photos. I debated quite a while to sign up for her workshop, and finally took the plunge.  Honestly, I couldn’t have been more happier with what I gained from Laura’s workshop. From start to finish she really has it down packed. What I gained from her workshop was priceless, and allows me to spend less time at the computer and more time with my family.  The proof is in the pudding, I just had a newborn session today and put all what I learned into the session. The session was completed in 1.5 hours and I had more poses then any session prior.  I HIGHLY recommend this workshop to any new newborn photographer or even one who is already established. I went into this workshop thinking I would learn a handful of new things, what I didn’t know would happen is I would learn so much more then that! Thank you Laura for such an amazing workshop!”  –   Crystal Fernandez 

“LBP workshop is definitely a must do if you want to have a successful business in newborn photography. Even though I was already experienced with newborns, Laura showed us how to communicate w/the parents, what avenues are best in marketing, and not to forget how to successfully pose a newborn in a great workflow. I had 2 newborn sessions the next week and felt so confident with everything. In the workshop not only were we able to experience a very content newborn but we also saw one that was more difficult which gave us great tips on what to do in those situations. Laura showed us that we don’t have to go out and buy top of the line things but you can easily make do with what you have or an inexpensive way to go about it. LBP workshop will surely be able to answer any of your questions/concerns regarding newborn photography whether is concerning the baby or the business part of it. You definitely will not regret attending one of LBP workshops!”  – Bridget Rummins, TN


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