Newborn Goodness by Laura Brett – {Atlanta Newborn Photographer}

2011 Newborn Goodness by Laura Brett Photography

The All In One Baby and Business mentorship is designed to master your craft in baby posing and the “how to” for gearing your business in that direction. One-on-one in our Atlanta studio and/or small group hosted mentoring options are available.

During the session you can ask any questions, photograph everything for your portfolio – the floor is yours. You will sit 5 inches from us as we work through the poses… you will be there every step of the way. You will participate in posing from composite shots, floor shots, hanging and other poses you are interested in seeing. We will prep a session together, work on soothing techniques and most importantly show you how to get the perfect image SOCC, all with studio lighting. We go over full digital workflow and step by step instructions for how we achieve our soft, newborn goodness.

The business part of our mentoring will help you with marketing to build your newborn network. We will discuss how we started over from scratch; moving our photography business from one state to another, as well as establishing your baby plan and packages.

Mentorship will focus on studio lighting. Prior knowledge and equipment is not necessary.

Two options: 1 Day Only or 2 Day Mentoring 

One Day Option: (One Newborn Model)
8:30-9:00 Setting up for Newborn
9-11am 1st Model
11:30-12pm Lunch
12-4pm – Full Digital Workflow, Business & Marketing and Questions

Two Day Option: (3 Newborn Models)
Schedule Day 1:
8:30-9:00 Setting up for Newborn
9-11am 1st Model
11:30-12pm Lunch
12-2:00pm  2nd Model
2:00-4:00pm Start on Digital Workflow, Business & Marketing and Questions.

Schedule Day 2:
8:30-9:00 Setting up for Newborn
9-11am 1st Model
11:30-12pm Lunch
12-2:30pm Full Digital workflow and any other questions you may have

Registration – $500 is due to hold your spot.  A date will not be held without payment.  The remaining balance is due one month before we meet.

Available Dates:

One Day Mentoring
March 18th –  full
April 13th – full
May 11th –  full
June 20th – full
July 25th – full
August 29th  – full
September 26th – full
October 3rd – full
November 4th – full

Two Day Mentoring
April 18th & 19th – full
May 23rd & 24th – full
June 6th & 7th –  full
July 18th & 19th – full
August 22nd & 23rd – full
September 12th & 13th – Full
October 17th & 18th – Full

What’s Included: 
Color & Black and White Action
List of Vendors
Our Pricing Model
Marketing Materials
Lunch and Snacks
Exclusive Wrap and Knit; used during the session for you to take home.

What you will need to bring: 
Copy of your price list
50mm, 35mm, or 30mm lens
Memory Cards and USB


My camera and my kids aren’t the only things that make me who I am. My creative fire is fueled by a passion for the 80’s, southern living, and that nightly piece of chocolate that I hide from my three beautiful babies. I am so grateful for all of these things in my life because they help me be a better photographer and they inspire me—just like you.