Baby Business: Mentorship Review – {Atlanta Newborn Mentoring}

Mentorship Review – written by Linda Gentry of Linda Gentry Photography

“I’ve been a huge fan of Laura’s work for a long time, but if you’ve tried your hand at newborn photography you know that it’s not easy! Those babies look so comfy and relaxed! I was feeling confident in my outdoor work and even my other studio work, but those newborns were my weakest link! I attended Laura’s workshop for two days and immediately I had a light bulb go off above my head. Laura has the newborn session down to a science. No more 4 hour newborn sessions! She has her session down to around 2 hours (often times two newborns in one day) and she provides her clients with a large variety of images. Laura also demonstrates how you can properly light and expose your subject to dramatically cut down on post processing by using consistent studio light. Laura’s workshop is for the photographer who is planning on becoming efficient with their newborn photography while producing top notch work. Aside from the technical aspects of photography and post processing, Laura covers how she moved to a new city and managed to have sessions booked before she even arrived! Laura not only mastered her craft, but she’s a true worker. She runs a successful newborn photography business. Those who attend her workshop should arrive ready to roll up their sleeves! Rather than a lecture, you will be experiencing a day in the life of Laura Brett. You will be photographing her clients with her.

I could not recommend Laura’s workshop if I weren’t able to return to my home and implement everything I learned. I hit the ground running and was able to bring home everything that I learned. She’s forever changed my studio photography and she has become a friend through the process. “

Images take by Linda at our two day mentoring session with three newborns.

Images taken by Linda after returning home from the mentorship.

Thank you Linda! It was wonderful meeting you and we look forward to your continued success.

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