Newborn Workshop Reviews | What they’re saying…..

We love getting feedback on our workshops and just had to share what some of our recent attendees are saying!

Thanks for sharing with us, we look forward to watching your business and photography flourish!


Mentorship Review by Sari Underwood of Sari Underwood Photography

“I have come to really love doing newborn sessions and when I decided to invest in a newborn-specific workshop or mentorship there were a lot of options out there. Almost too many. I wanted someone who not only put out amazing newborn work on a regular basis but who also had a successful business with regular clients. I was doing newborn sessions enough that I was doing fine with them but there was still something missing and some things that I just wasn’t able to accomplish on my own. I wanted to step it up and a workshop or mentorship was my next step.

I knew Laura through a couple of photography forums, so I felt confident that she fit the bill. Her work is beautiful and she also clearly had the business aspect down. She relocated to a new state and didn’t skip a beat! I was nervous to finally meet Laura but she was very welcoming and an open book. I am still amazed at how efficiently she works! I got to see her prepare for her session, interact with her clients (these were her normal paying clients and not just casting calls), posing workflow, lighting tips and later editing workflow as well as business discussion. Everything she does is so simple and yet you still are not able to really grasp it until you see it! I came away with so much knowledge and new techniques to improve my own business. I will not hesitate to recommend Laura Brett’s private newborn mentoring. Those 2 days I spent with her are invaluable to me. It was great to see where she worked and to have all of my questions answered. Even now, I am able to contact her and ask her questions or get her advice. It was definitely one of the best investments I have made in my business to date and I know that it will continue to benefit me as my business continues to grow! A million thanks Laura!”


Mentorship Review by Amy Lemanick of Ten Tiny Toes Photography

“When I was first considering which Newborn photography workshop/mentorship I wanted to invest in, I was overwhelmed with all of the options out there. There are so many talented newborn photographers at the moment and I knew I only had one shot to invest in the right one. I thought long and hard about it and was so excited when I was able to get in with Laura as she was my top choice. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful my one-day mentorship with Laura Brett Photography was!

I went into my mentorship knowing that I was missing something from my newborn photography and really wanting to take it to “the next level” for my clients. Even though I have been photographing newborns for nearly two years already, I still had so much to learn. My experience with Laura was exactly what I needed.

She took the time and care to walk me through every step of her session and business. From setups, explaining posing and shooting techniques and settings, all the way through the business aspect and post-processing workflows. Her skills are truly awe-inspiring and amazing and I have the utmost expect for her and her business.
She is truly an open book and continues to provide answers and support to me as I practice everything that I learned from her. I am SO glad I chose to invest in this experience and particularly the one on one aspect of it.

There are many Newborn Photography mentorship/workshops out there, but there’s only one Laura Brett Photography.”


Mentorship Review by Mary Macomber of Peebles and Polka Dots Photography. 

“Luckily, I somehow convinced Laura Brett to let me host a two day workshop for her up here in Boston this week. I was nervous to meet her, as I have been a follower for a long time. Immediately when we met, she made me feel comfortable, like we had known each other for a long time. I love talking newborn photography, and ummm hello! I was on full blast mode with Laura! She was full of so much information. She went over everything from posing, to soothing, to the business, editing, and more.

After the first night, I literally came home, walked into my house, saw my husband and started crying. It was a happy, excited, and damn this is so cool cry. I was so emotionally tied to all that she had shared. I just knew that was exactly what I needed to push me along my way in my Newborn photography. It was a cry of excitement. That I was finally truly understanding and got what I had been missing, and was taught things I can do that would make my photography that much better. And I mean THAT MUCH better. It was so uplifting.

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has a concentration on newborns and wants to make their work go from ehhh to WOAH. I mean, it’s pretty obvious if you like at my past work (embarrassing for me) compared to my session I just had after the workshop. HUGE difference. Gynormous difference. My fans are noticing, my clients are emailing me already saying HOLY MOLY what happened to you! Your work is amazing!

That’s because I watched Laura, listened, and took lots of notes. I also took photos of her during the workshop to go back to and compare with my notes. I like to think of her as the “baby whisperer” 🙂 She got those babies to do things I have never been able to do. And now after the workshop, I did them! SO awesome. I will be forever grateful to her for showing me how to nail these shots and make that baby know I am the one in control, not it.

Seriously, if you are in doubt, need more confidence, need a boost, take this workshop! Laura is so welcoming to a gillion questions, this girl loves to talk! And I was a sponge for it all. I am not saying, “take this workshop” to try and get her students, I am saying, “take this workshop” because I did – and it changed my photography forever. ”


Mentorship Review by Allison Langer of Allison Langer Photography.

I hope this letter conveys how much your workshop has helped my business and my enthusiasm. I have been in the business for 17 years and my work was tired and uninspired. You have inspired me to be better, try new things and open my mind. The tricks and techniques you offered have worked flawlessly with each newborn I have photographed. I have included a photo from the very first newborn I shot after your workshop. I would recommend the two day course to anyone interested in being better. It was worth the time and the money.

Thank you for everything. You are a very talented photographer and businesswoman. I admire your ability to balance homelife and worklife. It is no wonder you are a huge success.

Thank you for sharing so much with us.


Mentorship Review by Michelle Bishop of Mobile, Alabama.

I LOVED my 1:1 mentoring with Laura.

I had been wanting to do a mentorship/workshop for a while, but really just didn’t know who to go to or where to begin even choosing from all the amazing newborn photographers around. Then I got am email from Laura saying she had a last minute 1:1 available. Well I jumped on it! And I am so glad I did.

Laura is very easy to talk to, makes you feel comforable immediately, and is completely and honestly an open book. It was amazing to see how much you can get done in a 1.5 hour newborn session. My sessions normally took about 4 hours!!! The past 2 that I have done since meeting with Laura were about 2 hours!! Very excited about the extra editing time I was given back. My 1:1 was an amazingly wonderful experience and honestly I would LOVE to work with Laura again. Just being around her makes me feel I can do anything with a newborn!

Thank you Laura.


Mentorship Review by Carrie Farmerie of Carrie Farmerie Photography.

“I had been following Laura Brett’s work over the past year after having come across it while searching for inspiration to plan some of my own shoots. I immediately felt a strong connection to Laura’s work, and became a fan. I was thrilled to find out she offered a mentoring session and jumped on the opportunity to learn from one of my new inspirations.

I left the session with a mind full of ideas and the desire and confidence to make my business successful.
Laura’s approach to her business was inspirational for me as I learned a strong life/work balance can be achieved. She outlined her scheduled which included a fair time of family and photography. Ultimately helping me close my computer at night and resigning the editing until 2am.

Where my mentoring day with Laura differed from all of the other workshops I have attended, was I left with the exciting knowledge that I now had a true mentor. I feel as though my opportunity to learn from her was not limited to one day. She is open to helping me as I grow both my talents and my business for years to come.
Laura’s approach to her business is professional and efficient and her interaction with the clients is warm and welcoming.

My only reservation for recommending Laura as a mentor is my selfishness to keep her for myself!”


Mentorship Review by Megan Evans of Dallas, Texas.

“When I googled and looked for newborn photography workshops, Laura Brett’s workshop came up among many others. I’m not a newbie. I’ve been in business for a couple of years, but I felt like I was missing something. I use studio light for my newborn sessions, so I knew I wanted to take a workshop with someone who also used studio lighting and many of the other workshops are natural light. I wanted to learn from someone with a successful business who just happened to be a great teacher. Laura talks about business- how to get it and maintain it, SEO, developing a baby plan, etc. That was what mainly I needed along with some posing help. I LOVE watching others work, and seeing her in action was an eye opener for me. I had numerous light bulb moments during my two days with Laura, that’s for sure!

Laura’s workshop gave me the confidence I needed to hit the ground running when I got home. I was inspired with new ideas and still am. I’d really like to specialize in newborn photography in the future, and Laura has given me the tools to help me make that happen. ”


Mentorship Review by Laurie Simonds of Fresh Life Photography.

I went to Laura Brett’s Two day Mentorship with great anticipation and left with more than I could have ever hoped for! The first thing I noticed and loved about this experience was there were only 6 other photographers besides me which allowed for a more personal experience with Laura. This workshop is a hands on adventure!

We all had the opportunity to watch and work with Laura and four newborns. After we took direction from Laura we were able to get immediate feedback on our own shots. My next favorite thing about this workshop was Laura’s total openness to share anything and everything she knows about the trade, whether it be how to kick-start your business to how to manage balancing family and business. The guidance doesn’t just end after the workshop, Laura is there to continue to answer questions and fine tune your craft even after you go home!

My final positive experience from Laura Brett’s Mentorship was the difference in my work. I have always loved newborns, Laura helped me to find the confidence I knew was inside me and has taken my work to the next level. If anyone ever asked me if they should attend a mentorship with Laura Brett I would say hands down you will come home knowing more, no matter what level you are currently at!!

Thank you Laura for giving me the necessary tools to take my creativity and talent to new levels!


Mentorship Review by Carrie Krotine of Carrie Krotine Photography.

Laura Brett’s mentorship was hands down the best money I have ever spent for my business. I’ve always been a huge admirer of Laura’s work so when I got the chance to learn from her I jumped on it. Not only did she teach us poses, she taught us how to soothe babies, business techniques, editing, organization and so much more. She was more than willing to share everything she knew about newborns but in addition to that she also shared a ton of her own experiences as a photographer.

By the time the 2 days were over I will be honest my mind was swarming with so many ideas and things to remember that I was very anxious to get home and have a session with a newborn. To say my newborn pictures have drastically improved is an understatement. My posing has improved as well as my lighting. My sessions have decreased from 3.5 hours to 1.5 hours and my editing is minimal at best. This not only is less time working but also provides more time for either more sessions or even better my family. I am almost embarrassed to show the befores but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

It’s great to know that not only did I meet an amazing iconic photographer but also a wonderful person. If you have any hesitation about booking a mentorship with Laura please don’t wait. Do it as quickly as possible. You won’t regret it and your business will thank you!

Carrie Krotine


Mentorship Review by Angela Braniff of Angela Braniff Photography

“Laura Brett Mentorship-

Let’s face it! Laura is kind of a big deal….so when I had the opportunity to go and mentor with her, I was so nervous I’d be star struck. But from the moment I arrived she made me feel right at home. I loved the fact that it was one on one, and I didn’t have to worry about not getting my questions answered or missing something. To be totally honest, I really felt like my mentoring session was tailored to fit me perfectly. I was really able to tell her what I wanted/needed to learn, and the business mentoring alone was worth at least 3 times the actual cost. And let me tell you, I used to think I was good with newborns, until I watched her!!! She was nothing short of AMAZING!

I learned so much and have really been able to implement that into my business. I have always specialized in newborns, but since attending her mentorship, I really feel confident in telling my clients now that newborns are my specialty. My newborn business had doubled probably since returning from Laura’s and I couldn’t be happier! It was worth every penny, actually, the knowledge I gained from her was worth far more than I paid. And my favorite part…. The fact that she still allows me to email her questions as they come up, and has become a friend as well as a mentor.

If your deciding about a workshop/mentorship, I can assure you, you won’t regret working with Laura. Her life/work balance is something to truly be admired, and her love for what she does really comes shining through in her images. Thanks again for having me Laura, I hope to come back again soon!!!”


Review by Sara Gordon of Tucson, Arizona

“I have always loved newborn photography but I was lacking something in my work and was frustrated that I couldn’t get where I wanted to be. I started searching for workshops, but quickly realized that I wanted something different to take my work to the next level. I wanted personal attention, excellence and wanted to work with someone that would make me stand out from the crowd. I didn’t want to attend a workshop that my next door neighbor could go to as well. When I came across Laura’s work, I was captivated. I spent hours looking at her website and blog and knew immediately that she was an example of where I wanted to go with my newborn work.

I attended her two day mentorship and I only wish I could go back again and again. I had so many light bulbs go off in my head throughout our time together and it was amazing to see her work. I have more confidence and my work has grown leaps and bounds since attending her workshop. Not only did we work side by side with newborns, but we also went over business practices and things she has done to run a super successful business while moving across the country. I would highly recommend Laura’s workshop to anyone who wants to excel in newborn photography. Not only have I grown as a photographer since attending her workshop, but she has also become a great friend of mine in the process.

It was an honor to learn beside her and you won’t ever regret making the trip. ”


Mentorship Review by Kristen Elizabeth of Kristen Elizabeth Photography.

“Laura Brett’s mentoring session was awesome to say the least! She was so down to earth and easy to talk to… & that means a lot! She covered everything you could possibly imagine from newborn posing–sleeping techniques–post processing–setting up–pricing–dealing with clients to preferred vendors etc etc etc. Anything I wanted to cover, we did! She was so open to share all of her tips and secrets in post processing and posing. I love how she was so patient with the babies and worked so well with them in order to get the perfect shot down to their finger placement. I have gotten so much better at posing since attending her class!

I have gained a life long friend and a world of knowledge from this experience and I am so thankful! I have received a ton of compliments on my photos since the session, and have gotten SO busy in the newborn department! I have seen a huge improvement in my work. Even though the mentoring session is over, If I ever need any help at all, she is just a text away and will help me any way she can (I have no idea how she has time as busy as she is….)! It was so worth the investment, i would do it again in a heartbeat!

Thanks so much Laura! :)”


Mentorship Review by Chesley Summar of Chesley Summar Photography.

“Where do I even begin with how wonderful Laura’s mentorship was?!! Laura was immediately welcoming and felt like an old friend. She showed me her setup, her prop room that is to die for, and explained in simple terms about how things would go and why she does the things she does. When the client arrived, I was right there with her, shooting along side her and making sure I was getting similar images to hers. The way she works with newborns is nothing short of amazing. Being a mom, I am comfortable with babies, but the things she taught me about how to handle the babies and how to best soothe them, have affected my confidence level more than anything else. She is also a master at posing, and makes it look so easy. I went away with lots of easy to apply tips that have made a huge difference!

Once the session was over, we went through all of our images and talked about everything that happened during the session. She also went through props, where to buy, etc. The business discussion was also super helpful, and I made several changes immediately after I came home. I can tell a HUGE difference in the newborn session I did right before I met her and the ones right after. My newborn business has increased dramatically since I spent the day with Laura. But, more than that, the way I feel going into a session is so much better. I used to love newborn sessions, but be so nervous about the way they would go. Now, I go in confidently and have not had a bad experience since.

Laura has also been a huge source of help since my day with her. She is quick to respond and is always helpful. She is a wealth of knowledge, and I am so thankful for her! Not only did I gain new skills and knowledge, but I feel like I also gained a friend!!”


Mentorship Review by Amara Cohen of Amara Cohen Photography

“I recently took a workshop/mentorship with Laura Brett for photographing newborns. What a fabulous experience I had. It was amazing to watch Laura work, and to learn from her. I had had some experience with newborns prior to the workshop, but left with so much new information to help me with not only the photography side of newborns but with helping me run my business. After the end of each day (a two day workshop) I was ready to get going on updating my business and lining up newborns to photograph, I couldn’t wait to try it all! While Laura makes it look easy working with the newborns she made sure to tell us not to give up when the babies aren’t cooperating, and don’t let them see you sweat!

The money spent on the workshop was well spent, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. If you have the chance to take a workshop with Laura, jump on it! There is so much she can teach you, even if you are a seasoned professional.

Thank you Laura for the great experience I had in your Boston workshop!

Amara Cohen”



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