Our Perfect Time – {Atlanta Newborn Workshop Photographer}

I remember reading this beautiful blog post (click here) a couple of years ago reflecting on family photos.  For us women; there really isn’t ever a perfect time to take pictures.  There is always something we would love to ‘fix’ before taking them – our hair to be a bit longer, lose those last ten pounds….we probably could go on and on.

The truth is there is No Perfect Time.  The perfect time is today….tomorrow or whenever you decide to capture your family.

So that’s just what we did!

Our oldest lost her front tooth one day before our pictures and I quickly thought to myself…..why couldn’t that tooth just have waited a few more days?? BUT you know what???  These pictures will mark this special time in her life as she grows and changes daily.  I am thankful her tooth came out when it did and will cherish that snaggle tooth image forever.

Our son…the most handesome little guy you might ever see, well….he of course is our most difficult to capture.  He just won’t sit still, but on this day he was on his best behavior – no bribes necessary! It was like he knew it was his time to shine.

Special Thank you To Jenn Mac Photography for capturing our family.

You can check out her beautiful work by clicking here and leave some love on her page.


Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. We will be out of the office and all emails/calls will be returned on the 28th.


My camera and my kids aren’t the only things that make me who I am. My creative fire is fueled by a passion for the 80’s, southern living, and that nightly piece of chocolate that I hide from my three beautiful babies. I am so grateful for all of these things in my life because they help me be a better photographer and they inspire me—just like you.