Happy New Year: Laura Brett Unplugged

We get questions all the time about Laura Brett Photography and we thought; what better way to kick off the New Year than by giving back with some Q & A? We may make Laura Brett Unplugged a monthly feature, so be sure to become a fan on Facebook, for announcements calling for more questions.

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Now back to Unplugged…

We blogged our “We” Behind Me post two weeks ago and after that we got numerous emails thanking us for giving a glimpse inside our business. It got me thinking, maybe its time we give back and share more about us! In case you’re wondering what post we’re referring to – take a minute to read about it Here.

Many of the questions over the years have ranged from: how many sessions do you take a month, how did you successfully move your business to a new state, how do you find balance?

So without further delay….Welcome to Laura Brett Unplugged…….

A little background about me:
When not photographing beautiful babies, I spend my days with my two beautiful children, high school sweetheart husband and our adorable basset hound, Sady. I wear many hats and balance is key, but it’s definitely one of my ever growing struggles. We’re working daily to get closer and closer – I’m blessed, and their loved……welcome to my life!

Now that I’ve summed up my life….let’s get down to business…..


1) The most asked question? How many session do you take a week?
-2011; 346 sessions, 163 of them were newborns for an average of 6 sessions a week.
-2010; 300 sessions, 126 of them were newborns for an average of 5 sessions a week.

We’ve been asked, if its true we photograph 3-5 newborn sessions a day? Well…you can’t believe everything you read. Yes, we photograph lots of babies – but not that many!

2) Do you still take “True” clients?
– Yes!!!!! 82 percent of our business is from clients in the Atlanta area. Of the 163 newborns for 2011, only 30 of them were from workshops and 133 of them were newborn clients in Atlanta.

We offer (1) 1:1 Mentoring and (1) Group Workshop a month. For 2012, we will take 15 newborns (non workshop) clients a month. We will always strive to keep our main joy with our clients. We will no longer offer our Baby Plan for those in Atlanta, but squeeze in a 6 month old when our schedule allows!

3) Did you go to school for photography?
– I did not. I have a bachelors degree in business from the College of Charleston. I put my degree to use everyday!

4) How long have you been in business?
– We started our business in late 2007 and went full time with photography in November 2008.

5) How did you start your business over moving from NC to Atlanta?
– Back tracking here in case you are a new fan. We moved for my husband’s job in 2010, leaving behind our portrait business in NC and having to start over in Atlanta. I can’t say it was just one thing, but many ongoing things that I still do to this day. Mainly, I work hard to provide excellent customer service…striving to deliver a beautiful product and give timely responses to ensure our customers come back.

We knew no one in Atlanta when we moved here. Three days after our move, I completed my first commercial job in Atlanta with Crafty Kids Playhouses. Then two days later we completed our first Atlanta newborns. You can see sweet London and Payton here. I continued to travel back to NC for 16 months after we moved to Atlanta because I had Baby Planners (1st year sessions) left to complete. We will celebrate our two year anniversary in Atlanta in February….

6.) Why do you speak in third person?
– “We” answered that Here. ;). My husband also works full-time, so our New Years resolution is to always to strive to find balance; personal, professional, physical and spiritual.

7.) How are you priced?
– Great question! Our clients spend on average between $400- $1000, including our Baby Whisper Fee.

8.) How did you decide on your pricing?
– This one is different for everyone. We have our own reasons, but the best way to describe it…..we love what we do. Our business model works for us and it has for years. I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I would rather spend my days, while my children are at school, photographing a sweet love, than spending my days in front a computer desk. I just love what I do! When my children were smaller, I didn’t take as many sessions. Now they are school-aged – I’ve made the shift. I still would go back to them being babies…don’t you wish sometimes you could start over? 😉

9.) What do you sell the most of?
– I sell mostly digital and large canvases since this is what I love the most.

10.) Have you attending any workshops or inspired by anyone in particular?
– Yep! You can read about them HERE. Many mentors have helped me along the way.

11.) What software do you edit with mac or pc?
– I edit on a MacBook. Yep, I don’t own a desktop – my fave place to edit is on the couch with my laptop and my hubby beside me.

12.) Have you always shot with studio lighting?
– Yes, since 08 it’s always been lighting. Even in the early years when I traveled on-location, I shot studio lighting. I dabbled with natural lighting in 2010, but quickly went back to studio lighting. It’s what I love!

13) Do you photograph just babies?
– In the beginning, I did a little bit of everything. I shot 10 weddings in 09′, believe it or not? I’ve done commercial work for Overstock, Lowes and Walmart. My truest love….for newborn photography evolved shortly after we moved to Atlanta. Doesn’t hurt that we have the highest number of deliveries in the SouthEast, located 20 minutes from our studio.

14) When did you start mentoring?
– We started mentoring in October 2009. As the years pass, it seems everyone is more curious about our business model, since so much information is available online.

15) Where did you learn photography?
– In the beginning, I actually read many books from the library; my husband thought I was silly. Then I became involved in photography forums and spent my days learning more about my camera.

17) Why newborn goodness?
– It just hit me one day. Nothing better than spending your mornings with a new love.

18) Do you love mentoring?
– Yes! I love everything about it. I’m kind of dorky and love all the business side of photography as well. I loved doing taxes before I became self-employed, how biz dorky am I ?

19) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
– In 10 years, I see myself doing exactly what I love! Photographing newborns and spending time with my beautiful family!

20) Last but not least……Thank you for reading and we look forward to sharing more of Laura Brett Unplugged!

Thank you to all my clients, fans and family for making 2011 great and 2012 even better!

and Remember

Happy New Year


My camera and my kids aren’t the only things that make me who I am. My creative fire is fueled by a passion for the 80’s, southern living, and that nightly piece of chocolate that I hide from my three beautiful babies. I am so grateful for all of these things in my life because they help me be a better photographer and they inspire me—just like you.