Deeply Inspired and Forever Grateful

Flying…literally….sitting on the airplane on my way back to Atlanta and feeling completely inspired….
deeply inspired and forever grateful.

Sara Bareilles is playing on my Pandora and it just so happens this song was the most striking moment of the workshop.
Coincidence or not, its almost uncanny. I will come back to that pivotal moment in a bit…..

Let’s step back, and share how this story began….

I’ve been following Michele Anderson of PinkleToes Photography for years. I can’t even remember how I found her, but I’ve always loved the way her photography speaks to you! Years rolled by and I decided to reach out to Michele just to peek her interest. Secretly hoping she would consider a joint venture; her lifestyle approach to newborn photography and my stylized posing approach to newborns – I thought it would make for a brilliant workshop. So I contacted her back in May 2011, unsure what she would say…. hoping she was consider…and finally 1 month and three days later she got the affirmation she needed.

Quote taken from her email to me on June 28th, 2011:

“Well, I just got a big sign tonight…I was doing a phone consultation with a photographer in MS and totally out of the blue, he mentioned that he and his wife really want to start blending their newborn photography between “Laura Brett and Pinkle Toes.” I nearly choked on my Fresca!!!”

It was the start of something beautiful….maybe I need to send them a thank you note! 🙂
……and this is how our Duality Newborn Workshop began!

The date was set and everything was in place and the spots filled quickly. I couldn’t wait to meet Michele! The workshop arrived and everything flowed beautifully, almost flawless.

The first day, I started with my part of the workshop – posing twins that were 8 days old…they were fantastic! Next up Michele’s part… we traveled on-location to a families home and Michele did what she does best…lifestyle baby! We returned later that evening back to Michele’s studio and started sharing our business and marketing information over a nice dinner. The coolest part about Michele and I is that our business models are so different. Each attendee was able to hear/see a mix of both and that my friends is magic! Even for me…it was wonderful hearing a different perspective.

The second day came faster than the first and we began again with my part of the workshop posing sweet Garrett. This handsome man was a dream at 9lbs! Later that afternoon we spent watching Michele work with Garrett’s family, photographing lifestyle in her studio….we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter family.

Watching someone else work their magic left me breathless…coming back now to Sara Bareilles. The sun was shining brightly through this magical white room, the curtains blowing in the wind…it was really spectacular!! This sweet family swayed to the music (Gravity by Sara Bareilles) with their new love and Michele quietly worked in the background… I was almost moved to tears. The whole room actually was quietly moved to tears…it was a magical moment. It was like looking through a window..seeing exactly what I do everyday but seeing in a whole new way.

I saw the love in the families eyes and watching her interact with them made me have a new found love and respect for what I do. It’s amazing really…we are able to bring such joy to families and I will be forever grateful for that moment.

We finished the last hours together working and showing the girls how we process our images and wrapped up with some Q & A. It was such a wonderful experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Michele and I have similar personalities and approaches; very business driven and passionate about our art. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to have a dual workshop with.

And with that…Thank you Michele for being just as fantastic as I ever imagined.
It was a honor working with you. I’m forever changed!

Pinkles Toes and Laura Brett Photography Dual Workshop again in the future???
Yes…yes…and yes – most definetly, I’m in.

Image above of baby of the sweet twins from the workshop.

Newborn Workshop Photographer


My camera and my kids aren’t the only things that make me who I am. My creative fire is fueled by a passion for the 80’s, southern living, and that nightly piece of chocolate that I hide from my three beautiful babies. I am so grateful for all of these things in my life because they help me be a better photographer and they inspire me—just like you.