Today….9 Years Ago – {Atlanta Baby Marietta Newborn Photographer}

I married my best friend.  My partner…the glue that holds our family together.

As we celebrate, I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane.


We will stop you here…..

You’re probably noticing a trend with us being more personal?

 As we journey toward our 6th year in business, we are finding we are drawn to being more personal and expressive. Giving you, our clients and fans, a window into our life by sharing our inspirations.

Hope you enjoy!


Don and I have been together since we were 16, almost half as long as we have been alive.  Pretty cool if you ask me!

Don moved to our small small town in February of our junior year; he was ‘the new kid’. We all remember the new kid and in all honesty – I wasn’t too sure about him.   🙂   We laugh now because Don said I was stubborn; Miss Independent…. that he was right!    He didn’t give up, he persisted and we had our first date on March 18th, 1998.  We just clicked and from that moment on we were inseparable.

Here we are at prom our Senior Year.

He must have really liked me…what was I thinking, cutting my hair so short?  If your wondering…I really wanted to resemble Dharma  from Dharma and Greg. It didn’t look good (no matter what my mom said) and it took 2 very long years to get my hair back to shoulder length.

 Note to self…never do that again!!


Fast forward to College

I had plans of going to the University of Kentucky to cheer (again, hello Miss Independent) but decided to go to College of Charleston to be closer to Don who would be attending The Citadel.  It was a rough 4 years as we only saw each other on the weekends but we made it through.

 We got engaged on November 3rd, 2001, graduated college on May 28th 2003 and became husband and wife on August 9th, 2003.

Not too long after we married, Teagan was born in December of 2004.

And two years later Kyan (pronounced like Ryan, but with a K)  joined us in January of  2007.

They remind us daily of how we first began and how far we have come.

 What a great love story we will have to share with them!


14 Years later….he is still the best person I know and I’m thankful everyday for him and our life together.

We are blessed……

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Happy Anniversary Babe and Cheers to Many More!!!!

Next year for our 10 Year……Wedding Vow Renewal on the beach…Just sayin’

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My camera and my kids aren’t the only things that make me who I am. My creative fire is fueled by a passion for the 80’s, southern living, and that nightly piece of chocolate that I hide from my three beautiful babies. I am so grateful for all of these things in my life because they help me be a better photographer and they inspire me—just like you.