New Dates – {Newborn Goodness Posing Workshop}

We’ve added a few more dates through September 2013…Come Join Us!

Newborn Goodness, the All In One Baby and Business workshop designed to master your craft in baby posing and the “how to” for gearing your business in that direction. In February 2010, we successfully moved our business from North Carolina to Georgia and never skipped a beat. Capturing new loves for the past 6 years…..We are excited to share our knowledge of business and babies with you!

Workshops are available at our studio in Atlanta; as well as traveling options listed below.  Workshops will focus on studio lighting. Prior knowledge and equipment is not necessary. We will teach you the basics of studio lighting.

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Atlanta One &  Two Day Workshops:
Cost:  5 Attendees  $1800 per person   |  2 Attendees    $2000 per person   

    • January – May are now Full
    • July 22nd:   (5 Attendees  –  $1600)
    • August 26-27th:  (5 Attendees)
    • September 23-24th:  (2 Attendees)


Traveling One Day Workshops:   7 Attendees     $1600 per person 

  • Las Vegas:   February 15th – Register Here
  • Jacksonville, FL:   March 12th – Register Here  (One Spot Remains)
  • Chicago (Rolling Meadows), IL:  April 3rd and/or 4th – Register Here  (Full)
  • King, NC  (30 minutes from GSO):   June 3rd  – Registration Opening Next Week
  • Dallas, TX:    September 10th –  Registration Opening Next Week

One Day  1:1  or Alumni Workshops Available Upon Request.

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Why Newborn Goodness Workshop?

1. STUDIO LIGHTING…. We offer a studio lighting workshop where most offer natural lighting. Studio lighting can be used not only for newborns but for everything in between. Simply put, studio lighting is consistent. We don’t have to worry if it rains the morning of our session, we have our constant light source. Travel on-location, still not a problem our studio light will easily transport. No more worrying about setting up in a small apartment without windows. Not to mention our light is constant so your skin tones will be PERFECT every single shot. We will show you just how flawless studio lighting can be. We’ve shot both and have found studio lighting is much more beneficial to keeping it all consistent and cutting down your workflow.

2. BUSINESS…. Yes, this is a newborn posing workshop but you will learn alot more than posing. You may pose a newborn like no other, but if you can’t market and run a successful business what good will posing do you? The business part of our workshop will help you with marketing, SEO and building your newborn network. We will give you the step by step process on how we started over from scratch; moving our photography business from one state to another, as well as establishing our baby plan and pricing. We will share the importance of business and how it can make or break you in this industry. 85% of our business in Atlanta comes from our clients as we are running a “true portrait business” and not just workshops. We will help you return home and get your business up and running. Yes…our BS in Business with concentration in Accounting comes in handy.

3. PREPPING FOR SESSIONS…. We will give you details to help prepare for your next session, preparing your moms and demonstrating how to get your newborn sessions completed in 2 hours.  So when you return home, you have the tools you need to follow the same routine for smoother transitions during your sessions. You can ask any questions, photograph everything for your portfolio – the floor is yours. You will sit beside me as we work through the poses… you will be there every step of the way. You will participate in posing from composite shots, floor shots, prop shots, hanging and other poses you are interested in seeing. We will prep a session together, work on soothing techniques and most importantly show you how get the perfect image, all with studio lighting.

4. WORKFLOW…… We will go over full digital workflow (cutting down on your editing time) and give step by step instructions on how to achieve our newborn goodness. It’s all about shooting with a purpose and in return ‘get your life back’ from behind the computer.

5. CONTINUING EDUCATION…..After the workshop, we are still here to help. You can email us with questions big or small and we are happy to help. Not only that, you will be added to our Newborn Goodness Forum where you can give and receive feedback with questions that come up along the way. Surround yourself with others that have also attended our workshop for that added support and friendship. We believe that your education should not end when you leave the workshop and we will continue to help you grow!

REGISTRATION….. is $500 and due to hold your spot.  A date will not be held without payment. The $500 retainer is non refundable.  The remaining balance is due one month before we meet.

THE GOODIES….  You will also receive our Complete Set of Actions (Laura’s Newborn Goodness, Warm & Cozy and  Black & White), 6 month access to our Newborn Goodness Forum, list of our vendors, our pricing model, marketing and business pdf, lunch and snacks, along with discounts from our sponsors and our personal fave, a Custom Hand-Crafted Frame from The Organic Bloom.


Please contact us with any additional questions. A detailed schedule will be given at the time of inquiry.
**Available to photographers outside a 90 mile radius of Alpharetta, GA 30022. **

Our Location – Alpharetta, GA 30022

Airport Code – ATL

Hotel Accommodations-

The Hyatt Place Alpharetta  |  (770) 594-8788

Embassy Suites Alpharetta  |   (678) 566-8800



Recently asked Questions?

Do you have to shoot or own studio lighting to attend? Not at all. We will teach you studio lighting basics, but you can return home and continue using natural light if you choose. You will just have the knowledge on what to purchase if that time comes. Our artificial light will act just like your window except ours plugs in.

Can I use the images taken at the workshop for my portfolio? Absolutely. You can use the images taken at the workshop for your website and other marketing materials.

Will we go over your workflow? Yes! We will dive right in and show you step by step from start to finish how we achieve our look.  Not only that will help you cut down on your time spent editing, studio lighting makes it that much easier!

What’s the difference between our Atlanta 1 or 2 Day Workshop and Traveling Workshops?  The workshops are exactly the same as we will cover the same material at every workshop.  It just depends on which location is more convenient for you.

Will the information be the same? Yes, everything will be exactly the same information wise.  Jammed packed with information!

What do I need to bring? Your camera and a fixed lens such as a 50mm or 35mm. Its assumed that attendees know how to shoot in manual mode and have a basic understanding of photoshop. You do not need to know how to use studio lighting, we will teach you the basics to return home and put your new found knowledge to use.

Still have questions….hit the contact button above.
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