Motivation Monday – {Atlanta Baby Marietta Newborn Photographer}

Today marks a year….our 53rd Motivation Monday post and we thought what better way to kick off this post than with a recap of how it all began!

It all started on January 11th of last year; we had our wakeup call, on our son’s 5th birthday!!  You can read more about what happened HERE.  Right then and there we made TWO big goals and promised ourselves that we would stick to them!

  • Goal #1..Take more pictures of our own kids!!
  • Goal #2.. Get Healthy

We can say without a doubt, we knocked both of those goals out of the park and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Monday Motivation is still our 5am “help us get out the door” motivation that we need to start the week.  You can read more about that HERE.

Summer came and we had a wonderful time with our children.  We took limited sessions during that time and we plan to carry on that tradition this year as well.   In case you missed our summer post, you can see that HERE.  psss…if you are expecting this summer, we only have two spots left for June and July. 🙂

2012 was all about sticking to our plan and the journey for us has been so wonderful!! We are now on our way to year TWO of being healthy; mind, body and spirit and we can’t wait to watch our continued transformation for 2013.

So now you know how Motivation Monday  began and with that…let’s kick off our 53rd Motivation Monday Post!!!

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And what would a post be if we didn’t recap the rest of 2012… Instagram Style September – December 2012

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