Newborn Goodness Posing Videos – {Newborn Workshop}

Our Newborn Goodness Posing Videos are now available!

These videos will be sold as a Pack of 5 or your welcome to purchase individually.

The videos include:  The Tushie Up Pose, Froggie Pose, Stacked Foot Pose, Mom and Baby Pose as well as a Wrap Pose.   Each individual video is only $45 or they can be purchased as a pack for $200.  Each indiviual posing video demostrates one pose only and range from 1 minute 20 seconds to 3 minutes in length. If you purchase the Pack of 5 Videos, we will also include our Client Promo Video…only available in the pack of 5.  Our Client Promo Video is shown to our clients after booking to share with them how we plan and prep for a newborn session.  These videos are professionally shot, narration by me (Laura Brett Photography). Our Newborn Goodness videos are great for those looking to perfect their posing skills. Maybe you already have a good understanding of newborn posing and just want to brush up on your skills.  They are a wonderful way to review a particular pose in the comfort of your home.  The videos will not demonstrate or teach the lighting, shooting or editing components of newborn photography.  These videos are just about posing and giving you a window into how we pose.  We will walk you through the steps in the video how we achieve the pose and show the finish product. For further questions about lighting, shooting, angles, editing, business and much more….our In Person – Newborn Goodness Workshops are recommended.  With our workshops you will get the personalized attention you need to ask the detailed questions.  These videos aren’t meant to replace our workshops, they are just a supplement to help you along if you are unable to travel.

All past Workshop Attendees or those already signed up for a future workshop will receive 20% off these video; contact us for the discount code.

Are you excited???  We can’t wait to share the Goodness With You!

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Newborn Posing Videos


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