Workshop Reviews

We always ask our workshop attendees for their feedback.

 We want to know how we are doing, how we did at the workshop and more importantly after the workshop; are we following up for that continued learning via email, workshop based FB group and our Newborn Goodness Forum?

Its important to us…we want to make sure we are evolving and meeting the needs of our workshop attendees.

After reading some of these reviews, we knew we must share!! The reviews bring us such joy, help us grow and make us see that we are blessed to share our passion and love for newborn photography and business with our students.

We continually strive to be better and we appreciate your feedback.   Thank you for helping us grow!


“The 2 days I spent at Laura Brett’s workshop gave me a totally different outlook on how to run my own business. I’ve taken another class since then with another photographer and I definitely appreciate the way Laura explained each pose in detail. Another important thing was to see how does a newborn photographer handle a fussy baby. And we were blessed to get 1 fussy newborn model! The way she handled it was awesome! We were still albe to get sufficient shots and the model was in and out in the same amount of time as the calm babies :). Of course her knowledge on studio lighting was flawless and guaranteed a perfectly lit picture each time, if done properly :). The classroom part of the workshop was very comfortable and open. I felt no question was stupid and her answers were very understandable. I’m looking forward to using everything she taught to take my newborn photography to the next level!”   –  Roxanne Marks Photography

“The Newborn Goodness Workshop was such a terrific learning experience!  My “former life” was spent as a corporate trainer, and I will admit that when I read the Workshop Details, I “knew” there was no way it could cover all of the things that were mentioned. However, after a few botched newborn sessions, this workshop was financially worth it for me to pick up the details of safely posing baby, learning some good soothing techniques, and getting a couple of nice shots for my portfolio.  I’m SO pleased to say, however, that the workshop was all of those things listed above – and an incredible amount more!!! Workflow, editing, lighting, safely moving baby and backgrounds around, presentation, business tools…and the toughest part of it all – how to politely communicate (firmly) with mommy and daddy (and siblings!!)  Best of all – each photographer in attendance was able to INDIVIDUALLY shoot every background & pose with both of the newborns. Laura set us all up for success every time around – making sure that we all shot beautiful images.  Laura is extremely organized and straight-forward, and she delivers so much more than any itinerary could ever list. The Newborn Goodness Workshop is the best investment that I’ve made for my business!”  – Kerri Cook 

“I loved this workshop! I have been in business for a few years now, and have attended many workshops, but this one was by far the best! Laura is super funny and real! She was so open with us, and tells it like it is, I just loved that!!! She taught us how to work smarter, not harder, I really needed this! She teaches how to prep clients pre-session, and how to photograph sessions more efficiently, so we can be more profitable as a business – so important! She went over everything, and answered ALL of our questions. We practiced shooting (not overshooting!), went over dealing with clients, optimizing our websites, best business practices, where to shop, what to buy, setting up and refining our pricing, and selling our work. It was a full day of information, with lots more that we got to take home and study. I left energized and excited to apply everything that I had just learned! My work improved immediately, this workshop was worth every penny invested. Thank you Laura! ”  – Melissa Landres Photography 

“I recently attended Laura’s two day workshop at her in-home studio.   The workshop is well worth the money and we learned literally  EVERYTHING there is to know about studio lighting and workflow. I was thrilled she shared so much with us and she was willing to reshoot,  review our photos etc every single time we asked. She made sure that we were getting the shots we really wanted and offered advice on how to get better angles/lighting etc. There was so much we learned but the best thing of all (I felt) were the little tips and tricks that you can only learn from a pro like her who’s been doing this for years. There are certain things that you just don’t think of that can cause a session to run super long and really, if you would have just tweaked a few small things it can make the session so much shorter. I was present for three newborn sessions and while the sessions were short, the mothers were never rushed nor was Laura. The atmosphere was amazing even with one little one who was a bit fussy. Thank you so much Laura for such an amazing experience! The info I took away is truly priceless!!”   – Colleen Strong Photography

“When we decided to expand our knowledge of photographing newborns, we wanted to go to the best. We had been following Laura’s work for quite some time, and thought she would be the perfect match for us. I expected to see a few sessions, have some questions answered, and walk away with some general knowledge of how to better our craft. What we walked away with was not only a thorough understanding of a newborn shoot, but a MUCH better plan of how to grow our business, work with clients, decrease our editing time, etc. This workshop far exceeded our expectations! Laura was extremely thorough and patient in her teaching, and absolutely amazed both Angelynn and I on the knowledge she was willing to openly share with us. In the weeks since our workshop, she has answered countless emails from us, and truly made us feel like our workshop and learning did not end when we walked out of her studio. What an incredible experience!! Thanks Laura!!!” –  Kara Edwards

” I attended the 2-on-one mentoring session. It was amazing. It is the first time I’ve been to a mentoring session (as opposed to a workshop with lots of other attendees). I think I’m totally spoiled now. I think learning in a small group environment is a much better way to learn (for me, anyway). It allowed for a lot more time to practice what Laura was teaching without having to compete for shots with a class full of other photographers. I learned that I was giving up too easily in posing the newborns and to just take my time when posing them. I learned a very methodical way to ensure I get a variety of poses and how to move through the shots sequentially. I think this will drastically reduce the length of time of my sessions, giving me back more time to be with my family. Overall, I feel I now have much more confidence when working with the babies.”  –   Lilac Blue Photography

“My workshop experience was amazing! I felt like Laura was unlocking the door to all the secrets of newborn photography. From the little posing tips to the business planning, every single bit was very helpful. I was lucky enough to attend a workshop in the very beginning of my professional career, so I feel like I am starting off on the right foot. I have photographed 4 newborns since my workshop 2 months ago and each one is getting smoother and easier. The flow in my sessions is going better and I am taking less time shooting, getting better quality photos, and spending less time editing as well. I think I am appearing more confident and professional to my clients too! I also found all the takeaway information helpful. From the referrals for lighting equipment to a resource for wraps, all those things make my business better.”  kelly Frankenburg 

” First of all I just want to say the Laura you are super sweet! I don’t think anyone else could have made me feel more comfortable. Laura answered any and all of the questions I had and was an open book. I came with a list of questions, and over the course of 2 days she answered every single one of them. Laura followed the course outline to a tee and to my disbelief we really did do 4 newborn shoots, all 2 hours in length. Something I thought could never be done. Two of the newborns we photographed were fussy, so yes, a 2 hour session with a fussy baby can be done!  I learned the “flow posing” of a newborn shoot, which was huge for me in helping me to keep a rythem to my shoots. I left knowing exact camera settings, light placement and strobe settings. These were biggies for me. I wasn’t sure how to use a strobe, and left feeling completely comfortable purchasing one and using it ever since.  Before your workshop my shoots would run a minimum of 3 hours, but were generally 4 hours long. I think I am most happy about this, as I have some more free time! Thanks so much Laura, you have forever changed the way I run my newborn sessions.   ~ Simply Said Photography 

” Laura was and still is a lifesaver when it comes to newborn photography. I had no clue what I was doing when it came to photographing newborns and to be honest I was petrified when it came to handling them. Laura helped me put all of my fears aside and coached me with the best practices when dealing with newborns. While I am still learning (practice, practice, practice) to get comfortable with posing, Laura has been there way past my workshop to help me through. I cannot speak highly enough of her and all that she does. Anyone thinking of attending her workshop should stop thinking and just do it. Working one on one with Laura was the best decision that I have made in my career when it comes to newborn photography. You can have the cutest and best props in the industry, but without the knowledge that Laura provides, you truly have nothing.  – Lauren Drummond

“Laura’s newborn goodness workshop has been instrumental in jump starting my business and my image of being a top notch newborn specialist! Laura’s workshop was impressively organized and incredibly informative. With Laura’s teachings and guidance I can now execute many of the newborn poses that I have struggled with in the past. This workshop was well worth the money and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to perfect their newborn posing and learn the ins and outs of the newborn photography industry!”  – Robin Marchadour Photography 

“Laura was so helpful! Her knowledge of not just newborn posing, but lighting, and overall business structure was phenomenal! I learned so much more than just how to soothe and pose a baby! Things like how to take my business to the next level that will help me years from now! Since going to the workshop she has been more than helpful with any questions I have had! I think the two best things I brought back from her workshop were the studio lighting advice (it really does help your workflow and make your work so consistant!) and the business marketing tips! Thank you so much Laura for offering mentoring! I am so glad I came! – Lacey Barnwell 

“Before I went to the workshop I never had a plan of attack on how my newborns sessions would go. I never thought of session flow – I truly didn’t believe it was an option. I felt like the newborn ran the show. While that is true Laura shows you how to get in control and make the most of your session for you and your clients. The information on lighting was huge! I have such a calm feeling now dealing with my newborns while before I was almost praying that the inspiration for poses would just come as I settled the baby. Poses I never thought I would be able to nail in one session are now a cake walk to achieve at every session. She showed me the ability to take my business to the next level and really truly wants me to be very successful. But I haven’t even stated why Laura is better than any other workshop out there yet! Because she allows you to continue you from her on the newborn goodness forum. She has sections for just us who attended the workshops to continue to ask questions because things we forgot about at the workshop. It was the best investment for my business. I really hope to rejoin her in 2013 for a little follow up workshop!” – Amanda Mumford 

” The workshop was very informational! I felt pretty comfortable posing infants before the workshop, but it helped me focus more on the details of each pose. Learning how not to “overshoot” each pose was very valuable to me as well. I usually end up with way too many shots to choose from and edit. Laura’s process of shooting, editing, and presenting the photos will save me tons of time! Thank you!-  Elise Photography 

” This was a fabulous hands on workshop to attend. Laura was very patient and allowed all of us the opportunity to photography each pose and see how she soothes babies and executes poses. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn newborn photography. ” – Jennifer Palumbo

” I  have been following Laura Brett’s work for a few years now, and have always thought about taking one of her workshops. What I admire the most about her work, besides the perfect posing and unique styling, is her ability to use studio light to create such a soft natural look. I have been using natural light for the past 2 years in my own newborn photography business, but would like to invest in studio lights. Laura explained exactly how she achieves her natural light look – I could immediately see how I could improve consistency in my images, and therefore speed up my workflow. It was amazing to watch her work with the little newborns, soothing them and posing them, while explaining everything she was doing to us. The workflow portion of the workshop was one of the main reasons I attended, and I found it changed a lot about how I edit and then proof images for clients. Laura was so open to questions, not only at the workshop but afterwards too. I am very glad I attended the workshop – it was an amazing experience. Thank you Laura!” –  Kyla Baker Photography

” I enjoyed the workshop a lot…it is always great to see someone else work with newborns and how they handle them and different situations. Sometimes, you may think it is some sort of “magic” that happens, when it may just be good ole common sense. For example, I had an “aha moment” when I learned that Laura asks the new moms to bring a bottle to the session even if they are breast feeding! What a time saver!! I really enjoyed how Laura broke it all down for us: the 5 shots. And then how to “build” onto the different poses for various looks. It was great to see her in action with changing backdrops as well.”   – Wendi Hiller Photographer 

“I had such an amazing time with Laura at her workshop. I had never been so nervous to meet anyone LOL. Laura always says she’s an open book so ask questions and she truly is. Even after the workshop she’s answering my questions. I considered myself a good photographer going into her workshop but the difference not only in my photographs but confidence & time I’m saving is overwhelming. Everyone that knows me has told me your work has transformed you’re the best newborn photographer. I needed Laura to help me see how truly great I could be. I grew not only as a photographer but as individual. I recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to truly grow their business. I wish I would have taken it sooner it’s an investment you won’t regret. Thanks Laura! Charlotte’s Best Newborn Photographer **Wink**”  – Michelle Niera 

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this workshop, and learned a TON of stuff to improve my own workflow. I made the trip to Alpharetta, and I am so glad that I did. The opportunity to see firsthand the space that Laura uses, along with seeing her large inventory of blankets, hats, etc gave me lots of new ideas to use in my own studio. Laura was very open to answering questions, and was very patient with all af the participants. The small size of the workshop also allowed the participants to spend a little extra time getting the shot that they wanted. Overall, it was a very well done and worthwhile workshop!”  – Lynn Fulton Photography 

“I absolutely LOVED mentoring with Laura Brett! She covered everything from poses to transitioning of the babies. I’ve attended a workshop before and learned quite a bit from it but didn’t come out feeling like I knew that much about Studio Lighting… with Laura, she made it simple to figure out!  Another thing I really liked about the workshop, was that it was very intimate. There were only 4 attendees total, so we all got our questions answered and we were able to all work together without feeling rushed. I can honestly say, that since I’ve been back from her workshop, my Newborn Sessions have gone from 3+ hours each to only 2 hours and I’m working on cutting that back some too! 🙂  Thank you so much Laura!”  – Jessica Mitchell Photography 

I enjoyed the workshop a lot…it is always great to see someone else work with newborns and how they handle them and different situations. Sometimes, you may think it is some sort of “magic” that happens, when it may just be good ole common sense. For example, I had an “aha moment” when I learned that Laura asks the new moms to bring a bottle to the session even if they are breast feeding! What a time saver!! I really enjoyed how Laura broke it all down for us: the 5 shots. And then how to “build” onto the different poses for various looks. It was great to see her in action with changing backdrops as well.”What impressed me most were the ideas of how to streamline the photography & editing. Getting newborn sessions done to 1.5 hours? Amazing!! Repeating and getting very good at the same shots = brilliant!  I hadn’t used studio lighting very much before attending and left feeling I knew enough to do a newborn session using studio lighting rather than natural light. Can’t wait to try it out.  I appreciated the openness with which you shared your information. From vendors, to lighting information to camera settings to business practices, I feel like I got some great information; I won’t have to do so much trial and error to get great-looking studio pics. Also – the forum is a great resource!”  – Megan Crown

” My experience was AMAZING!!! Being a natural light photographer wanting to grow into studio lighting, I saw so many benefits to the consistency of the studio light. It made my decision to purchase lighting extremely easy. Also the business side of things. Not many workshops offer information on how the photographer runs the business and manages their time. What I learned about blogs/websites/workflows is priceless to me! I had such a great time with Laura and the other workshop attendees. I know I have people I can ask questions and gather more information from. I will be staying in touch on the Forum for sure!”  –  Nikki Mellaci Photography

“Laura was all business which I very much appreciated. When you only have a little time I think that is really important. I wasn’t sure that watching her do sessions would be that helpful but they were really what helped me the most in the process. Real babies, real lights, real parents sitting behind us, real pee. . . Watching Laura do what she was teaching is the only way to learn. We were able to take the shots right along side her. She was open to answer any question we had anywhere along the way. Learning a new way to shoot rekindled my love of newborn photography!”  – Amy Olyer Photography 

“This workshop was exactly what we needed to pull together all the things we have learned and experienced so far when working with newborns! Laura’s personality is fun and welcoming. The studio is so organized and has great ideas for setup. Most importantly, we learned a ton of tips to simplify our process…work smarter not harder! Laura not only focuses on the hands on photography training, but ALL aspects of running a successful business…marketing, SEO, workflow, planning, and more. All the extra information she includes with the workshop is icing on the cake! The post workshop availability is great too! We can’t wait to implement everything we learned and take our business to the next level! Thank you!!”  – Angelynn Tinsley Photography 

“Laura was great. She had no secrets, just told us what we needed to know to produce great pictures. She gave us all plenty of turns to take shots of the models and was patient with all our questions. The workshop size was very small so everyone got plenty of time with Laura and to build on our portfolios. Not only did she help with the actual taking pictures, she helped with the marketing aspect and photoshop secrets. I was a little nervous of the cost of the workshop at first but it seriously was worth every penny! ” –   Julie Moser 

“Your workshop changed the way I do my lighting and I am so much happier with my sessions since I attended. Learning the sequence of shots has saved me time as well. And the help with marketing online was much needed for me. Just in the past few weeks I have noticed a huge jump in visits to my website. I know that as my business continues to grow, I will continue to be so thankful for what I learned with you.” – Alysha Lambourne 

” Laura is an open book, the opposite of trying to sell or push other products and an amazing teacher. The techniques and tricks I learned at her newborn workshop were easy to take home and put to use right away but even if you didn’t absorb everything, you go home with it all in writing, including links to discount fabrics, her own inspiring full galleries and step-by-step instructions complete with flow posing. She’s patient and kind. Overall the best experience and pays for itself with happy, returning clients. It was also great to meet a group of amazing photographers at all levels of the game and to reconnect with each of them online after the workshop.”  –  Heather Brulez Photography 

“I did Laura’s workshop in Las Vegas. I had 4 years of prior experience and was a little worried that I would be relearning the same things I already knew but I was pleasantly surprised. Laura Brett packed tons of things into her workshop, I learned so much about how to pose, edit, the business side, pricing, which props and fabrics work best. I loved that she doesn’t spend a fortune on all her stuff and is always looking for a deal. Laura was an open book and I loved that we got everything in writing afterwords and access to some of her portfolios so we could go back and review those different things we learned. Laura also gives her attendees access to her newborn goodness forum online and I have learned even more there and she has answered all my questions even after the workshop was over. Laura Brett’s workshop is definitely worth the money!”  -Brittany Stucki – Framed Photography 

“Newborn Goodness with Laura Brett was great. She was an open book when it came to answering any and all questions we had, even after the workshop. I would hands down attend another workshop with Laura. I learned so much in a short period of time, and just loved Laura’s personality and willingness and true desire to share. Simple techniques for wrapping the baby, how to keep your hands warm, and lighting tips have all helped me improve my own sessions. More than anything, the business tips and information that Laura so willingly shared have caused me to begin to transform many aspects of my business. She gave me tools to implement into my workflow, daily behind the scenes business, pricing structure, shooting of sessions, and more. Newborn Goodness exceeded my expectations.”  – Meredith Rowe 

“When I first saw that Laura Brett was doing a workshop in Florida I was thrilled. I had always admired her rich tones and gorgeous photos. I debated quite a while to sign up for her workshop, and finally took the plunge.  Honestly, I couldn’t have been more happier with what I gained from Laura’s workshop. From start to finish she really has it down packed. What I gained from her workshop was priceless, and allows me to spend less time at the computer and more time with my family.  The proof is in the pudding, I just had a newborn session today and put all what I learned into the session. The session was completed in 1.5 hours and I had more poses then any session prior.  I HIGHLY recommend this workshop to any new newborn photographer or even one who is already established. I went into this workshop thinking I would learn a handful of new things, what I didn’t know would happen is I would learn so much more then that! Thank you Laura for such an amazing workshop!”  –   Crystal Fernandez 

“LBP workshop is definitely a must do if you want to have a successful business in newborn photography. Even though I was already experienced with newborns, Laura showed us how to communicate w/the parents, what avenues are best in marketing, and not to forget how to successfully pose a newborn in a great workflow. I had 2 newborn sessions the next week and felt so confident with everything. In the workshop not only were we able to experience a very content newborn but we also saw one that was more difficult which gave us great tips on what to do in those situations. Laura showed us that we don’t have to go out and buy top of the line things but you can easily make do with what you have or an inexpensive way to go about it. LBP workshop will surely be able to answer any of your questions/concerns regarding newborn photography whether is concerning the baby or the business part of it. You definitely will not regret attending one of LBP workshops!”  – Bridget Rummins, TN


Workshop Review by Teddi Zonker of Teddi Zonker Photography – Keller, TX

“Greatness! This is my third photography workshop and honestly one of my favorites. Laura is a complete open book, made everything look very easy and simple, but most importantly, possible for me to do! She keeps it simple, keeps it real, is honest and great person; never a negative word about anything or anyone. I learned how to set up, prepare and move baby, simple props, simple and clean edits and ease of studio lighting. Coming from natural light only, I was worried about a studio lighting workshop; it is affordable and possible to do. Thank you for amazing insight and a fabulous day!!”


Workshop Review by Melissa Treen of Melissa Treen Photography –  Greensboro, NC

I had the unique honor of attending Laura’s two day workshop in Greensboro, North Carolina. During the workshop, Laura demonstrated her set up, calming and posing techniques on multiple newborns. I learned so much from her approach to shooting a newborn session and her shooting method is revolutionary – you will never over shoot a newborn session again! Laura also discusses business and marketing techniques, as well as gear, equipment and vendor recommendations. It was two days packed full of information from an expert in the newborn photography arena. If you are ready to take your newborn work to the next level, Laura’s workshop is definitely the way to go. The best part, it doesn’t stop there. Join the Newborn Goodness Forum and interact with other newborn photographers, including Laura. The forum is an excellent source for newborn photography information, questions and feedback. Laura is also only an email away if you ever have a question, and she responds extremely fast! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have taken Laura Brett’s workshop. It has solidified my focus in photography and provided me with specialized knowledge in the area of newborn photography.


Workshop Review by Nicole Lancaster of Nicole Lancaster Photography – Emerald Coast

“When first starting in the business a year ago, I told myself that I would attend a Laura Brett Newborn Workshop. Her well-defined style, consistency with studio lighting, and attention to detail with posing drew me to her work instantly. When I finally had the opportunity to attend, I JUMPED on it. Laura was incredibly down-to-earth and fun! Every question was met with an open answer–from everything to lighting set up, posing, business Q&A. Laura was an open book! <3 I walked away feeling extremely confident….and like I had made a great friend! A definite MUST if you are in the baby business! <3”


Workshop Review by Sabrina Koogler of Sabrina Koogler Photography – Galveston, TX

I truly wish I wasn’t so embarrassed by my “before” shots so I could do more “before and after” the workshop comparisons. But now my “befores” are SOOOO awful! While I felt like I had pretty good sense of lighting and posing, the little tweaks and tricks I learned at the workshop really brought me up to the next level–and people noticed! The business and SEO tips we learned have really brought tons of new business (new clients from web searches–not just word of mouth!) so I am so thrilled! As far as the lighting/posing/client management I felt like I could not have learned from a better teacher. I have such a better sense of confidence when I go into each of my newborn sessions now.


Workshop Review by Amy Columbus of Amy Columbus Photography  –  Plano, TX

I was so excited to attend Laura’s workshop, and she met all my expectations. I’ve been photographing newborns for over four years and was trying to figure out how to cut down the length of the sessions and run them more efficiently. Laura’s workshop opened my eyes on how easy it is to get a variety of shots and transition newborns into different poses. On a personal level, Laura was so down to earth, easy going, and willing to answer all of the attendees questions; she was an open book. She keeps the size of the workshop small, which is also very helpful as you not constantly trying to push your way through the masses to get the photo. I would highly recommend Laura’s newborn posing workshop to anyone.

You can’t go wrong with that Southern Gal.


Workshop Review by Tami Wilson of Tami Wilson Photography – Denver, CO

It took me awhile to finally take the plunge to sign up for a newborn workshop but I knew it was something I needed to do in order to take my business to the next level and provide my clients with high quality newborn portraits. After much research I decided to sign up for a workshop with Laura. It was the best decision I have made for my photography business yet! Being able to watch Laura pose the newborns and have her explain her workflow and business decisions was invaluable to my business.

Upon returning home my first newborn session went so much smoother and after about five more newborn sessions I was blown away by how quickly I was improving with each session and becoming more and more comfortable with posing. Before the workshop I would book one newborn every month or two and now I’m averaging about four newborns a month.

My client workflow has also become more streamlined and so much more organized thanks to all the tips I received during the workshop. There were many “aha!” moments during the workshop that have beneficial to my business.

Lastly, Laura has also been extremely helpful after the workshop with follow up questions I have for her. She is truly an open book!


Workshop Review by Misty Smith of  Oh Baby Photography – Ogdensburg, NY

 “These words only surface my gratitude for Laura and her baby business mentoring. Prior to going to her workshop I was clearly lost in the business aspect. I had no website, blog, twitter, marketing tools and a select number of vendors being used. I joke saying that I am Laura’s perfect transformation student because I now have all of the above. My photography skills/techniques when working with newborns has improved drastically. It is true without her expertise I would not have had the tools to move forward to become a registered business. I promise that you will leave her workshop with the knowledge, skills and confidence to grow a successful photography business. The information that you will learn is invaluable.

  I had been to workshops prior to hers but none compare. There were seven other talented photographers in the room but you would never have known. She has the ability to make you feel that you are the only one being taught while making everyone else feels the same way. She stands next to you and guides you through a typical session from start to finish. Laura was willing to share her secrets of success and give you a push in the same direction. What I valued most about the workshop is the continued relationship with Laura. I went to the workshop hoping for two great mentoring days but left with what I feel like is a friend. I had searched for a long time for a great mentor that would continue to truly be there even after the money was paid and the workshop had ended. Honestly, that is exactly what I found from her. My questions haven’t ended and neither has her mentoring. I feel honored and privileged to have been able to attend one of her workshops and I will be eternally grateful! Thank you!  “


Workshop Review by Melissa Schuett of Melissa Schuett Photography  –  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“The biggest ah-ha moment for me was the idea of having everything laying out and ready for a newborn session – not giving the family a choice when they arrive… if they have special requests then they need to make it ahead of time. I have close to zero experience with newborns – the few I have done I way over shot and fumbled moving from one pose to another.

I still need a lot of practice working with newborns but I feel 100% more confident now that I know how to efficiently and strategically work through a session. Having a plan for a session is a huge burden lifted. I also have zero experience using anything other than natural light and I was pretty skeptical that I would ever consider using a flash. I came home and ordered everything for myself and I’m loving it – there is no way I’d be able to do successful newborn sessions during gloomy Wisconsin winters without it.

I already have 5 newborns lined up for the coming weeks using your suggestions so this is exciting for me! I appreciated your no-nonsense business talk, this is very much how I run my senior photography business but needed your guidance and reassurance that it is the same with newborns. I think my lack of confidence in shooting newborns translated into lack of confidence in the business aspect of the business also – weird, I know! I’m over it.

I hope to follow-up with you this time next year with a super exciting success story!! 🙂 Thank you for your short, to-the-point, no fluff inspiration!”


Workshop Review by Samantha Parks of  Firefly Photography –  Richmond, VA

Laura’s workshop was by far the best workshop I have taken. As an established photographer, I really wanted to take my newborn work to the next level. She was an open book with anything from posing to the business side. She made us feel so comfortable that there wasn’t anything we were afraid to ask.

The best thing that I took from her workshop was her workflow during her sessions. I was very haphazard with my newborns, and often ended up taking much more than 2 hours for a session. Laura had a simple, methodical way of doing things that totally clicked with me. What I loved was that I could take her tips and tricks and adapt them to my own style. I didn’t want to be Laura Brett, I wanted to be me with Laura’s awesomeness! Since her workshop I can’t believe how much easier it is to do a newborn session. I thought for sure it would take a lot of practice for me to truly benefit, but I was seeing results after my first newborn session. I can’t recommend this workshop enough!


Workshop Review by Kellie Carter of Kellie Carter Photography –    Somerset, KY

I have had the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops in my photography journey, but Laura’s has made most impact on my business! I never felt like I shot comfortably with ease and purpose, but in the short time I spent learning at this workshop I knew my business would never be the same! I feel like I incorporate something Laura taught me with each and every session that I have had since leaving her workshop! Her precise instruction with posing and handling newborns to her business advice is invaluable! I feel so much more confident and I know my work has improved tremendously! The workshop was very organized and each attendee had equal time with shooting and time to ask questions. She was very open and attentive to our learning needs!


“There are no words to really explain the amount of information I was able to absorb at the Toronto Newborn Goodness Workshop. The way that Laura instructed and shared was so open and friendly that at no point did you feel intimidated by her or afraid to approach her. She is so warm and friendly and was truly an open book. The most valuable thing I learned and took away was the work flow of a session. It was so simple and almost obvious after she taught it that it made you wonder why you have been making life so hard for yourself. I was able to shoot a newborn just days after the workshop and not feel overwhelmed with trying to apply what I learned because it was so well explained and put in a way that I felt more confident in my abilities.”  Amanda McCrea of Images by Amanda Photography. 


“There are not enough words for me to express to you as to how thankful I am that I was able to attend your workshop. You have literally changed my life and the way I shoot and allowed me to finally find ‘my place’. The compliments and kind words I have gotten from people with regards to how much they love my work in just the last month and a half is such a testament to you. I loved how you were just so open and honest and easy to talk to. Once I was done being ‘starstruck’ lol, I was able to see how much you just truly love what you do. Thank you so much Laura!”   Followup from Amanda McCrea one month after our Toronto Workshop.


“Laura was amazing to say the least. She taught me so much and took the time to answer questions and help. Laura made sure everyone was understanding the techniques before she proceeded. Would definitely recommend a workshop with Laura. She is extremely talented and such a sweet person.”  – Jodie Collins


“I feel so much more confident as a photographer after attending Laura Brett’s newborn workshop! I left with a drive to succeed. I learned how to perfect my shooting skills, how Laura runs her newborn sessions, (loved this part) how to speed up my work flow and also learned a lot about the business side of photography that most people don’t realize exists. The best part about the entire experience is that Laura is just a normal person, mom, photographer that built her business from the ground up just like we are all looking to do. I feel really blessed to have had the oppurtunity! (Not to mention i also met some awesome fellow photographers!) Thank You so much!” –  Nicole Stuart of StuStu Studio


“It was a wonderful experience! I have attended a couple workshops in the past but Laura taught the whole photography business – props, setup, posing, pricing, business, tips and much more! I know that the strategy I learned will help me streamline my sessions. Laura was very down to earth and easy to talk to! She is also funny and love her southern accent! 😉 Can’t wait to get ramp up my newborn photography business. Thank you Laura! :)”    –  Theresa Brereton of  Theresa Brereton Photography.


“Laura, Your workshop was really wonderful, but my favorite part was you… You’re so down to earth, a great teacher and just easy to be with. I used to stress before a session but not anymore. Thanks for that!”  – Terris Gills Photography


“Just wanted to thank you once again for sharing your talent with other photographers.  The past two days has literally been life changing for me.  I was on the brink of closing my portrait business to focus on weddings, but the past two days has helped me realize that my passion is still photographing babies and children. I couldn’t have had a better mentorship.”  – Staci Hill Photography

 “Hands down the best…I agree with everyone! Although I am still a little ‘starstruck,’ you LOVE what you do and the best part was meeting the genuine person behind the beautiful images you create! Oh and everything else you taught us from a business perspective…well worth it! Thanks”  –  Stacy Kubesh Photography


“Laura’s workshop was filled with helpful information to provide growth for my business. Posing techniques were well covered. My biggest takeaway was less is more. Discussion of client questionnaire was very helpful, I had never considered asking about nursery color for sale of prints to best meet client needs. Contracts is something I will be exploring and developing. Posing was what I was loOking to develop and was covered well in workshop. Speeding up my editing was also an expectation and doing light editing was not thought of prior but makes complete sense to me. Soothing and wrapping techniques were great, would have loved to see hanging wrap but overall very happy with all demos provided. Laura has the patience of a saint and should be renamed “the baby whisperer ”  Thanks Laura”   –  Cindy Balkwill


“I very much enjoyed the workshop and look forward to trying out some new techniques in my next sessions! Your methods seem simple to incorporate to my current shooting/post production workflow yet effective and cost efficient. I have never been excited to start editing something but actually look forward to the process now! Thanks again for a great couple of days!”  –  Heather MacEachern of HRM Photography. 


“I really enjoyed my workshop experience with Laura Brett. I just shot a 4 1/2 weeker who would not sleep more than 20 minutes and because of the session workflow that Laura shared, I was able to provide this family with a great variety of images! Before this workshop I would have struggled and probably tried to bring the family back in to try again. It saved me and the client time! Laura is a real sweet heart and readily shares her knowledge. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who shoots newborns.”  – Sharon Gartrell Photography 


“The Laura Brett Workshop was so valuable in building my confidence as a newborn and child photoographer. Now I approach each session with a plan, certain poses, blanket/wrap/accessory combos, and set shots. Thanks Laura ! I have cut the total number of shots down per newborn session and I am very pleased with 99% of the resulting images. The addition of studio lighting in my sessions has helped me to nail exposure in each shot. And most importantly the time I spend editing photos has been reduced dramatically!”  – CMS Creative Photography


“Laura’s workshop was everything I expected and much more. Laura was warm and welcoming and fully opened herself up to us. Watching Laura work with the newborns and the knowledge I gained about posing them is invaluable. I have been using natural light but after taking Laura’s workshop I feel very confident in using studio lighting. The business part of the workshop was wonderful. Laura was an open book and no question was off limits. I left the workshop with so many fresh ideas about marketing and business and have started to implement many of her suggestions. I am happy to have Laura as a mentor. She is motivating, her success is inspiring and she is as sweet as can be. Thank you, thank you thank you!”  – Alexandra Rottman Photography 


“I have had the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops in my photography journey, but Laura’s has made most impact on my business! I never felt like I shot comfortably with ease and purpose, but in the short time I spent learning at this workshop I knew my business would never be the same! I feel like I incorporate something Laura taught me with each and every session that I have had since leaving her workshop! Her precise instruction with posing and handling newborns to her business advice is invaluable! I feel so much more confident and I know my work has improved tremendously! The workshop was very organized and each attendee had equal time with shooting and time to ask questions. She was very open and attentive to our learning needs!”  – Kellie Carter Photography 


Workshop Review by Jodee Pedersen of Artography –  Winnipeg, AB

I have attended several workshops and have to say that Laura Brett’s was definitely the best overall. It can be very expensive, especially factoring in travel, but I feel that what I learnt from Laura and the continued follow-up even after the workshop, benefited my business such that it has more than paid for itself many times over now! Not only is she a gifted artist, but a great business woman and relays this in her workshops and mentorships. I would recommend to anyone to attend her seminar/workshops and would even consider a second one for myself! Thanks Laura for everything!


Workshop Review by Jennifer Brasnick of Jennifer Brasnick Photography  –  Keller, Texas

It was so great to see Laura in action. She has a very simple style that translates so beautifully to film. This workshop made me realize that less is more and you can do a newborn in two hours! It was great to see her flow in posing and photographs and to get to see how expertly to work with the babies to get the posing that you want. Her tips and tricks with babies as well as the moms, has really helped me become more confident. Her business knowledge and simple workflow will help me focus more on my business and getting clients in the door. I totally recommend taking a workshop with Laura Brett.


Workshop Review by Blythe Winslow of Blythe Winslow Photography –  Cincinnati, Ohio

Laura Brett is a consummate professional: efficient, savvy, and sharp as a tack. Her newborn images are ever-consistent in their quality and beauty, and her workshop allowed me to truly see how she achieves this. Even as important was her business advice–clearly Laura knows how to operate as an effective businesswoman. And, too, her commitment to her workshop attendees does not end after the workshop…she seems ever willing to continue answering emails and creating spaces for her attendees to improve. Thanks, Laura!


Workshop Review by Kristy Abellar of Gigglebug Photography   –   New Jersey

For me, I think the most valuable aspect of the workshop was seeing Laura in her “zone” and working with the newborn to achieve these poses. It was also valuable to see how she handles the session when babies do not necessarily do what you want them to do, and how to adapt your posing on-the-spot to go with what the baby will tolerate. I also enjoyed getting to know other photographers and talking with them about what their challenges are when photographing newborns. It made me feel a little bit less alone and that I was actually on the right track. Another great part of the workshop was the computer time, when Laura basically told us all of her insider secrets to her SEO success. That was really valuable! In general I would say that the experience was a valuable investment in my photography training and I would recommend it to photographers of all levels.


Workshop Review by Tracey Waid of Marin Mason Photography –  Statesville, NC

Pre-workshop I was already pretty comfortable with my newborn sessions, but I really wanted to learn about the business workflow that Laura has perfected. I learned how to make my newborn sessions more efficient, thus shortening my session time. I also learned how to drastically cut my editing time by implementing several of her suggestions to make my workflow go much faster and eliminating extra steps. From a business standpoint, it was a very wise decision as I am hoping to move my business in the direction of specializing in newborns and baby first year. I am primarily a natural light shooter, but I loved learning about studio lighting and adding that to my repertoire so that I can shoot newborn sessions at various times throughout the day now. It was also a great experience to share with other newborn photographers, exchange ideas and helpful hints and vendor information, as everyone was there to learn. Laura was truly an open book throughout and I learned a ton of information that has already helped me streamline my business so I can spend more time with my family and less time on the back-end.


Workshop Review by Sowmia Kamath of Sowmia Kamath Phtoography –  SouthLake, TX

Laura’s workshop was a great investment for my business. She has streamlined her sessions and workflow so well and it was wonderful to learn how to simplify everything- from shooting to editing. I learned a lot about how to get consistent lighting in my newborn work and how to avoid overshooting, which will save me a lot of time in post-processing. I also learned tricks on batch processing and blog post design that I put into action the NIGHT I got home from the workshop! Laura really understands the perspective of a working parent and so much of what I learned was about saving time (so you have more precious time to spend with your family!). I appreciated that she also covered business and SEO tips because the business side is such a huge factor in a photographer’s success. I would totally recommend Laura’s workshop for others who want to learn how to simplify their newborn shooting and editing.


Workshop Review by Jodi L’Heureuz of  Jodi H’LHeureuz Photography – Red Deer Canada

This was my first workshop and I loved every minute of it! Laura was amazing and an open book. I loved that she was so willing to “share.” I liked that it was a 2-day workshop as well… I believe that second day was invaluable in cementing what we learned the first day and giving me more confidence to go out on my own. I really think my technique has grown immensely since that workshop and I’ve had many people comment on the difference they see in my work since then. Even though the workshop was newborn based, the lighting nad editing tricks have most certainly helped me in all areas of my business. I would recommend this workshop to anyone!


Workshop Review by Christina Skretkowicz of CMS Creative Photography –   Hamburg, NJ

The Laura Brett Workshop was so valuable in building my confidence as a newborn and child photoographer. Now I approach each session with a plan, certain poses, blanket/wrap/accessory combos, and set shots. Thanks Laura ! I have cut the total number of shots down per newborn session and I am very pleased with 99% of the resulting images. The addition of studio lighting in my sessions has helped me to nail exposure in each shot. And most importantly the time I spend editing photos has been reduced dramatically!


Workshop Review by Jennifer Donnelly of Jennifer Donnelly Photography –  Red Deer Canada

“Loved how Laura shows her steps of responding to client inquiries all the way to the post processing. The workshop showed me how to efficiently set up my newborn workflow from posing to editing, and be able to complete a full newborn session in 3 hours. It was amazing and definitely has saved me so much time.”


Workshop Review by Francine Mittenthal of Lilly Bellerose Photography –   Chicago, IL

“The workshop proved to be worth every penny! Laura is amazing with newborns, and watching her mold them into those perfect poses was just what I needed to help my sessions run more smoothly. Her lighting instructions made SUCH a difference in my images. Being allowed to photograph the newborns and use the images on our site was the icing on the cake!”


Workshop Review by Lindsay Archer of Lindsey Archer Photography –  Cornwall Canada

“Laura is down to earth and passionate about teaching. She is encouraging and provides a positive learning environment. I learned a lot from the workshop I attending. She not only teaches about posing and studio set up but she also provides a close look at the business aspect. I feel more confident in my work and my abilities since attending her workshop. Laura also provides feedback even after the workshop is complete. She offers quick and thorough responses to questions you may have even once you’re home.

I would highly recommend this workshop:)”


Workshop Review by Nicole Lowe of Nicole Lowe Photography –  Red Deer Alberta

“I had such an amazing and fantastic time at the workshop. Loved every minute of it! First of all, Laura, you are a sweetheart… great teacher and love how you taught us everything from soothing a fussy babe, how to contact clients, marketing, lighting, posing, processing, shopping for fabrics and props… LOVED it all! Thanks so much! The workshop was truly worth it and I feel confident to move forward in my business and hope to photograph just newborns one day soon 😉 Thanks again Laura! I highly recommend you to all my photog friends interested in specializing in newborns! “


Workshop Review by Amy Lantz of DragonFly Studios –  Chicago

“Laura’s workshop was fantastic! The entire day was filled with “aha” moments. Laura has changed my approach to newborn photography and made my sessions flow so much better :). Of course it doesn’t hurt that Laura is sweet as can be, and unlike other workshops, her help doesn’t end just because the workshop is over :)”


Workshop Review by Christina Coffey of Christina Coffey Photography –  Cornwall Ontario

“I am SO happy I took the newborn workshop with Laura. She has everything down to a science and shares absolutely everything possible with you! I loved learning about her set up, what equipment she uses, her posing workflow, post processing and business tips. If you are looking to specialize in baby photography, this workshop will give you everything you need to know!”


Workshop Review by Lauren Harris of Lauren Harris Photography –  Little Rock, Arkansas

“The workshop was amazing from start to finish! Laura was such a welcoming person and instantly made us feel comfortable to be there. She was willing to answer all of our questions and took time to explain why she does each thing a certain way. It was amazing getting to watch her work! We had a set of twins at our workshop so it was a unique experience getting to watch her work with the twins (especially since they were a bit fussy!). She truly is a master at what she does! We each got to take turns shooting each set-up and Laura took the time to check our LCD screens to see if we were getting the right angles.

Laura also went over the business side of things and answered each and every question we had. She goes over lots of valuable info, including pricing and SEO.Also, it may seem like a little thing, but Laura even went to dinner with us the first night. It was great getting to talk to her on a more personal level! She has even kept in touch with us after the workshop and offered support along the way. She is truly invested in our success!! “


Workshop Review by Tricia Krefetz of Click Capture Create Photography   –  Santa Rosa, FL

“I had always admired Laura Brett’s work. Although I already had a bit of experience with newborns, I knew Laura’s workshop would help elevate my work to the next level. The little things she shared made the biggest difference. It also had a huge impact on my confidence overall, which has a tremendous affect on how newborn sessions go. Since her workshop, my newborn work has flourished. If you want to turn your work from good to great, I highly recommend attending.”


Workshop Review by Barb Ray of  Barb Ray’s Photography  –   Wisconsin

“The workshop experience was simply amazing. Laura’s patience with the babies was incredible to watch and really helped me understand soothing techniques, poses, photography techniques, etc. She wasn’t holding anything back…she was open to share all that she knows and all that has made her such a successful newborn photographer. I look forward to watching my newborn photography go nowhere but up from here!!!”


Workshop Review by Ashley Bolotte of  Ashley Bolotte Photography – Baton Rouge,  Louisiana

“I absolutely loved the workshop!! While I had a good amount of experience with photographing newborns, there was always “something” missing, and I really felt that I got what I was missing….from the set up, to committing to having the newborns come to me, to editing, to the quick editing – I haven’t mastered that yet, but I hope with more practice, I will be able to get better at that.”


Workshop Review by Jill Shadden of  In the Moment STL Photography – St Peters, Missouri

“I really enjoyed the Nashville workshop in February, and my newborn photography business has been growing ever since. I am booking 8-10 newborns a month. I feel much more confident in my newborn posing, and I feel like I have a good understanding of studio lighting for newborns as well. I know I pay more attention to the finest details in posing now, and I have been nailing those tricky poses that I was only getting about 30% of the time before the workshop. On the business side, I really appreciated Laura’s straightforward suggestions. Many of my clients are now finding me through internet searches because of some simple advice and changes that she recommended. Besides meeting some wonderful new friends, the workshop was invaluable to me and my business. I would recommend Laura’s Newborn Posing Workshops to anyone wanting to improve their newborn photography business.”


Workshop Review by  Paige Walker by Paige Walker Photography –  Forth Worth, Tx

“This workshop was exactly the push I needed to take my newborn photography business to the next level. I already have a strong newborn portfolio, but seeing Laura in action and learning all of her tips and tricks has raised my confidence considerably. I used to have pregame jitters and worry about my newborn sessions, and now I coast right through and can’t believe how much harder I was making it on myself. Laura is spunky and charming and very easy to connect with, you can ask her anything! Mentoring with Laura was such a blessing and I would recommend this experience to any newborn photographer, whether just starting out or a seasoned pro. It is worth every penny!”


Workshop Review by Carrie Smith of Carrie Smith Photography   –  Forth Worth, TX

Attended Duality Workshop with Laura Brett Photography & PinkleToes

“The workshop with Laura was unbelievable. She is a true natural not only with babies but also as a teacher. She’s open, honest, and forthcoming with so much helpful information. If you want to know how to create images as beautiful as hers, she will tell you step by step, leaving nothing out – from preparing for sessions, equipment, posing, editing, etc. You will learn where she finds her amazing props too! If given the opportunity again, I would not pass up the chance to learn again from Laura. The improvement in my skill and overall business was immediately noticeable. “


Workshop Review by Meredith Black of  Meredith Black Photography  –  Jacksonville, FL

I was so excited to get in near the last minute for the Tallahassee workshop. I loved meeting Laura and the other photographers. I learned many new techniques that have really helped me grow and improve. I had never used studio lighting and although I haven’t totally mastered it, I walked away with the knowledge to set up a small in-home studio. She was an open book and honest with her feedback. Laura was so sweet to respond immediately when I was having a crisis with my studio/camera set up right before a session. My only wish is that I could be like her a have a newborn session almost everyday! Maybe someday 🙂


Workshop Review by Alexandra Rottman of Alexandra Rottman Photography – NY

Laura’s workshop was everything I expected and much more. Laura was warm and welcoming and fully opened herself up to us. Watching Laura work with the newborns and the knowledge I gained about posing them is invaluable. I have been using natural light but after taking Laura’s workshop I feel very confident in using studio lighting. The business part of the workshop was wonderful. Laura was an open book and no question was off limits. I left the workshop with so many fresh ideas about marketing and business and have started to implement many of her suggestions. I am happy to have Laura as a mentor. She is motivating, her success is inspiring and she is as sweet as can be. Thank you, thank you thank you!


Workshop Review by Stephanie Sifuentes of Dahlias and Daises Designs  –  Texas

Attended Duality Workshop with Laura Brett Photography & PinkleToes

It was so exciting! I had hit a wall in my newborn posing and needed a little extra help with some of those tougher poses. After the workshop I enter into every session with so much more confidence. The part which helped me the most though was learning a different workflow and gathering all sorts of software to look into to help me out. Michelle, mrs pinkletoes, shared a ton of valuable marketing information which I have put into place! I shot natural light at the workshop but learned enough about lights that making that transition was so much easier!


Workshop Review by Nikki Evans of Nikki Evans Photography  –  Louisiana

“Laura’s workshop was incredible! I had not been to a workshop that focused completely on newborns before this one and I was so happy with my decision to attend Laura’s workshop with all of the other options out there. She was very knowledgeable and talked you through the entire experience–from pre-planning the session, setting up, how to set up lights, posing, and what to do when a baby just will not cooperate. She has the entire process down to a science, which really helped me remember all that I was learning. Laura not only teaches you the photography side, but she knows the business side really well, too! Since attending Laura’s workshop, I feel like I’m more comfortable posing the babies and stress much less if they just won’t cooperate. :). If you are considering attending a newborn workshop, I can promise you won’t regret attending this one. Whether you are a studio or natural light photographer, you can apply all te principles to your business and learn to really rock the newborn photo shoots. AND–you’ll leave with a friend. Laura is always available even after te workshop is over to offer encouragement or answer questions. She works her booty off and because of that, she is amazing at what she does! “


Workshop Review by Rebekah Stanfill of  Southern Charm Portraits  –  Knoxville, TN

I was very pleased overall with Laura’s workshop. Even though I participated in the group workshop, Laura’s “down-to-Earth” personality made my learning experience feel very personalized and tailored to what I wanted to learn. She is quite open about her methods and techniques. I felt at ease to ask anything that crossed my mind and walked away from the workshop with a new arsenal of things to try. Even since the time of the workshop, Laura has continued to follow up with the attendees from our group, has given feedback, and answered any questions that we’ve had. If I had it to do it over again, I would!


“To be honest I was quite nervous. When I arrived Laura greeted me and I realized how down to Earth she is. She made me feel very comfortable and she was so natural with the baby models. It was a good experience to see her in action and to learn by watching. I think what helped me the most was watching her sooth the newborns, position them, and how she layed out her next set up. I wish I could relive the workshop. I was so inspired and eager to have my next newborn session! Thank you Laura for what you do.”  –   Vanesas Byrd Photography  – Texas


“WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!! SHE IS AMAZING!!! I cannot express how much I learned from Laura. She covers every aspect of the business, from posing, soothing, business, workflow, marketing…and to top it off, she is an amazing person, so real, and down to earth. As a host, I could not have asked for a better experience!!!! Huge thank you!” – Photography by Heather Lee –   Metuchen, NJ


Workshop Review by  Lynette Reeves of Only Imagine Photography  –  Plano, TX

 I loved the entire workshop. Laura is great at explaining how she does things. I learned so much from the business side and I really needed that. Laura is very helpful and so willing to teach. i am so thankful that I decided to go to this workshop. After my time with Laura I am now making changes to my entire business, all for the better. She has helped me cut down my editing time, and I needed that!!! Laura Brett is Wonderful!! Thanks so so much!


 Mentorship Review – written by Heather Lauffer of Heather Lauffer Photography. Mentored in April 2010′. –  Durham, NC

“Laura’s newborn photography will draw you in…her attention to detail can only be described as perfection!

After researching numerous newborn photographers, I was immediately captivated by the simplicity of her images. Laura needed no gimmicks to gain attention, as she focused solely on the beauty of each new life. I was “sold” from the very beginning and knew that mentoring with Laura Brett would be everything I could ever imagine or hope for my business…

Not every newborn photographer is the same…while at first glance, images may appear similar, but if you challenge yourself to take a closer look, you can view the differences between Laura’s images and those of other “well known” newborn photographers. Laura is never satisfied with simply photographing each newborn, she strives to showcase each tiny detail that the parent’s have been longing to cherish for 9 months…

One day in Laura’s studio taught me not only the fundamentals of newborn posing, but gave me insight into creating images for my clients that would capture the beauty of their little ones perfectly! I not only gained an arsenal of photography experience, but a friend who “held my hand” as I expanded my business, cheering me on the entire way!

I am forever thankful for the connection I have made! I welcome any questions you may have if you are interested in attending Laura’s workshop and need more insight into my experience…

Sincerely, Heather Lauffer”


Mentorship Review – written by Jessica Neumann of Jessica Neumann Photography –  Frederick, MD

 “Ever since I found out Laura was doing a workshop I knew I wanted to go. I knew Laura from the photography world for quite a while and was amazed by her growth and talent! I chose to do the 2 day one-on-one since I knew this was something where I wanted her all to myself! 🙂 The environment was comfortable, inviting and I felt at ease asking all the questions I had. Laura was an open book and helped me to understand some of this things that I could not figure out on my own.  I found the posing, marketing and lighting tips and tricks so helpful and I definitely had a few “a-ha” moments while there.

When I got home I was itching to have a newborn in the studio to work with. I had to wait almost 3 weeks, but once I got that little boy in the studio I was so excited to try some of the poses and things I had learned with Laura. I will say that having her workshop gave me the guidance and confidence when working with newborns that I was striving for for a long time. The last two newborn sessions I had went so much smoother than before the workshop . . . the soothing techniques she teaches as well as tips for the parents to prepare the babies for the session were super helpful and led to great sessions.

The fantastic thing about Laura’s mentoring is that just because you are done with the workshop does not mean the help stops there. Laura has continued to help and guide me through my many questions once returning home and whenI started putting my knowledge to use. The only sad part about the workshop was leaving . . . I felt like I could stay and work with Laura and those precious babies a few more days! She made it so fun and by the time I left I felt like I was leaving a friends house.”


Mentorship Review – written by Rikki Dymond of Rikki Dymond Photography  – Calgary, AB

“I attended Laura’s Baby Business Workshop in Red Deer, when I arrived I expected to learn about photographing newborns but what I didn’t expect was to walk away with a whole new outlook on my business as a whole. Not only did I learn about working with newborns but I learned so much more. After taking the workshop I feel that I now have the tools and knowledge to take my business to the next level. The information I learned was truly invaluable. This past weekend I photographed my first newborn since taking the workshop and I honestly can’t believe how much my photography has improved. I am so thankful I was able meet Laura, she is an amazing women, a great mentor and someone I will never forget.”


Workshop Review by Anya Coleman of Anya Coleman Photography –  Frisco, TX

I was so happy to be able to host this excellent workshop. I was using mostly using natural light for newborns, but was very interested in setting up strobes so that weather and time would not be an issue. I learned so much about posing and lighting techniques as well as some Photoshop and marketing ideas. This workshop is a rare opportunity to learn from a successful photographer. I know she did not hold anything back and there was nothing left out. It was also great to get to know Laura personally and I found her to be a very nice person to learn from. I think the things I learned from this workshop will help me grow my business and make me a better photographer.


Mentorship Review – written by  Tiera Betts of Tiera Faith Photography  – Nashville, TN

“I can’t describe how much I enjoyed Laura’s mentorship.  She is like a celebrity of baby posing and doesn’t even realize it!  She is such an inspiration and successful photographer!  Before her workshop, I didn’t really have a system for a newborn shoot and they lasted 4-5 hours!  Now, I feel confident on the best ways to soothe the baby and get the session done in a reasonable amount of time.  I would certainly recommend anyone who is ready to take their photography to the next level to take the mentorship.

The knowledge I gained during the mentorship and the questions she continues to answer now that I am home have been priceless to my business!”


Mentorship Review – written by Aimee Fuller of Aimee Fuller Photography –  SugarLand, TX

“I did Laura’s work shop in June 2011 in Houston . I gained so much from Laura in our two days together (even with 7 other photographers in the group!). She was an open book from the time she started each day until the time we all walked out the door. Her work flow is amazing, her touch with the babies is unmatched and her experience is truly something to behold! I was so glad that I took the leap and paid for her work shop because the experience to me was priceless!

I learned so much just watching her work and I am truly blessed to have been a part of her world for two short days. I’ve had a couple photographers email me asking if I gained that much from her work shop considering they felt I was already established and did well with newborns and my reply to them was a HUGE “Yes!”. I walked away with a pep in my step and an enthusiasm to come home to do more of my own newborns! If you’re considering doing Laura’s work shop my suggestion would be to do it and to enjoy the experience because it truly is something special!”


Mentorship Review – written by Amy Lemanick of Ten Tiny Toes Photography –  Minneapolis, MN

  “When I was first considering which Newborn photography workshop/mentorship I wanted to invest in, I was overwhelmed with all of the options out there. There are so many talented newborn photographers at the moment and I knew I only had one shot to invest in the right one. I thought long and hard about it and was so excited when I was able to get in with Laura as she was my top choice.

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful my one-day mentorship with Laura Brett Photography was! I went into my mentorship knowing that I was missing something from my newborn photography and really wanting to take it to “the next level” for my clients. Even though I have been photographing newborns for nearly two years already, I still had so much to learn.

My experience with Laura was exactly what I needed. She took the time and care to walk me through every step of her session and business. From setups, explaining posing and shooting techniques and settings, all the way through the business aspect and post-processing workflows. Her skills are truly awe-inspiring and amazing and I have the utmost expect for her and her business. She is truly an open book and continues to provide answers and support to me as I practice everything that I learned from her. I am SO glad I chose to invest in this experience and particularly the one on one aspect of it.

There are many Newborn Photography mentorship/workshops out there, but there’s only one Laura Brett Photography.”


Mentorship Review by Sari Underwood of Sari Underwood Photography  –  Orlando, FL

  “I have come to really love doing newborn sessions and when I decided to invest in a newborn-specific workshop or mentorship there were a lot of options out there. Almost too many. I wanted someone who not only put out amazing newborn work on a regular basis but who also had a successful business with regular clients. I was doing newborn sessions enough that I was doing fine with them but there was still something missing and some things that I just wasn’t able to accomplish on my own.

I wanted to step it up and a workshop or mentorship was my next step. I knew Laura through a couple of photography forums, so I felt confident that she fit the bill. Her work is beautiful and she also clearly had the business aspect down. She relocated to a new state and didn’t skip a beat! I was nervous to finally meet Laura but she was very welcoming and an open book. I am still amazed at how efficiently she works! I got to see her prepare for her session, interact with her clients (these were her normal paying clients and not just casting calls), posing workflow, lighting tips and later editing workflow as well as business discussion.

Everything she does is so simple and yet you still are not able to really grasp it until you see it! I came away with so much knowledge and new techniques to improve my own business. I will not hesitate to recommend Laura Brett’s private newborn mentoring. Those 2 days I spent with her are invaluable to me. It was great to see where she worked and to have all of my questions answered.

Even now, I am able to contact her and ask her questions or get her advice. It was definitely one of the best investments I have made in my business to date and I know that it will continue to benefit me as my business continues to grow! A million thanks Laura!”


Workshop Review by Jessica Erickson of Jessica Erickson Photography – Glendale, AZ

“I absolutely loved learning about studio lighting. I was scared to death that it would be super complicated and I’d never get it. Laura made it simple and easy. I learned ways to increase my work flow speed and learned a ton about business. I am still trying to implement all of the things I learned. I like that I have access to the newborn goodness forum too. “


Mentorship Review by Carrie Farmerie of  Carrie Farmerie Photography –  Pittsburgh, PA

  “I had been following Laura Brett’s work over the past year after having come across it while searching for inspiration to plan some of my own shoots. I immediately felt a strong connection to Laura’s work, and became a fan. I was thrilled to find out she offered a mentoring session and jumped on the opportunity to learn from one of my new inspirations. I left the session with a mind full of ideas and the desire and confidence to make my business successful.

Laura’s approach to her business was inspirational for me as I learned a strong life/work balance can be achieved. She outlined her scheduled which included a fair time of family and photography. Ultimately helping me close my computer at night and resigning the editing until 2am. Where my mentoring day with Laura differed from all of the other workshops I have attended, was I left with the exciting knowledge that I now had a true mentor.

I feel as though my opportunity to learn from her was not limited to one day. She is open to helping me as I grow both my talents and my business for years to come. Laura’s approach to her business is professional and efficient and her interaction with the clients is warm and welcoming. My only reservation for recommending Laura as a mentor is my selfishness to keep her for myself!”


Mentorship Review – written by Allison Langer of Allison Langer Photography –  Coral Gables, FL

“Laura, I hope this letter convesy how much your workshop has helped my business and my enthusiasm. I have been in the business for 17 years and my work was tired and uninspired. You have inspired me to be better, try new things and open my mind. The tricks and techniques you offered have worked flawlessly with each newborn I have photographed. I have included a photo from the very first newborn I shot after your workshop. I would recommend the two day course to anyone interested in being better. It was worth the time and the money. Thank you for everything. You are a very talented photographer and businesswoman. I admire your ability to balance homelife and worklife. It is no wonder you are a huge success. Thank you for sharing so much with us. Allison”


Mentorship Review – written by Laurie Simonds of Fresh Life Photography –  Boston, MA

  “I went to Laura Brett’s Two day Mentorship with great anticipation and left with more than I could have ever hoped for! The first thing I noticed and loved about this experience was there were only 6 other photographers besides me which allowed for a more personal experience with Laura. This workshop is a hands on adventure!

We all had the opportunity to watch and work with Laura and four newborns. After we took direction from Laura we were able to get immediate feedback on our own shots. My next favorite thing about this workshop was Laura’s total openness to share anything and everything she knows about the trade, whether it be how to kick-start your business to how to manage balancing family and business.

The guidance doesn’t just end after the workshop, Laura is there to continue to answer questions and fine tune your craft even after you go home! My final positive experience from Laura Brett’s Mentorship was the difference in my work. I have always loved newborns, Laura helped me to find the confidence I knew was inside me and has taken my work to the next level. If anyone ever asked me if they should attend a mentorship with Laura Brett I would say hands down you will come home knowing more, no matter what level you are currently at!! Thank you Laura for giving me the necessary tools to take my creativity and talent to new levels!”


Mentorship Review – written by Carrie Krotine of Carrie Krotine Photography – Pittsburgh, PA

  “Laura Brett’s mentorship was hands down the best money I have ever spent for my business. I’ve always been a huge admirer of Laura’s work so when I got the chance to learn from her I jumped on it. Not only did she teach us poses, she taught us how to soothe babies, business techniques, editing, organization and so much more. She was more than willing to share everything she knew about newborns but in addition to that she also shared a ton of her own experiences as a photographer.

By the time the 2 days were over I will be honest my mind was swarming with so many ideas and things to remember that I was very anxious to get home and have a session with a newborn. To say my newborn pictures have drastically improved is an understatement. My posing has improved as well as my lighting. My sessions have decreased from 3.5 hours to 1.5 hours and my editing is minimal at best. This not only is less time working but also provides more time for either more sessions or even better my family. I am almost embarrassed to show the befores but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

It’s great to know that not only did I meet an amazing iconic photographer but also a wonderful person. If you have any hesitation about booking a mentorship with Laura please don’t wait. Do it as quickly as possible. You won’t regret it and your business will thank you! Sincerely, Carrie Krotine”


Review by Sara Gordon of Tucson, Arizona

“I have always loved newborn photography but I was lacking something in my work and was frustrated that I couldn’t get where I wanted to be. I started searching for workshops, but quickly realized that I wanted something different to take my work to the next level. I wanted personal attention, excellence and wanted to work with someone that would make me stand out from the crowd. I didn’t want to attend a workshop that my next door neighbor could go to as well. When I came across Laura’s work, I was captivated. I spent hours looking at her website and blog and knew immediately that she was an example of where I wanted to go with my newborn work.

I attended her two day mentorship and I only wish I could go back again and again. I had so many light bulbs go off in my head throughout our time together and it was amazing to see her work. I have more confidence and my work has grown leaps and bounds since attending her workshop. Not only did we work side by side with newborns, but we also went over business practices and things she has done to run a super successful business while moving across the country. I would highly recommend Laura’s workshop to anyone who wants to excel in newborn photography. Not only have I grown as a photographer since attending her workshop, but she has also become a great friend of mine in the process. It was an honor to learn beside her and you won’t ever regret making the trip. “


Mentorship Review – written by Angela Braniff of Angela Braniff Photography  – Charlotte, NC

“Laura Brett Mentorship- Let’s face it! Laura is kind of a big deal….so when I had the opportunity to go and mentor with her, I was so nervous I’d be star struck. But from the moment I arrived she made me feel right at home. I loved the fact that it was one on one, and I didn’t have to worry about not getting my questions answered or missing something.

To be totally honest, I really felt like my mentoring session was tailored to fit me perfectly. I was really able to tell her what I wanted/needed to learn, and the business mentoring alone was worth at least 3 times the actual cost. And let me tell you, I used to think I was good with newborns, until I watched her!!! She was nothing short of AMAZING! I learned so much and have really been able to implement that into my business. I have always specialized in newborns, but since attending her mentorship, I really feel confident in telling my clients now that newborns are my specialty.

My newborn business had doubled probably since returning from Laura’s and I couldn’t be happier! It was worth every penny, actually, the knowledge I gained from her was worth far more than I paid. And my favorite part…. The fact that she still allows me to email her questions as they come up, and has become a friend as well as a mentor. If your deciding about a workshop/mentorship, I can assure you, you won’t regret working with Laura. Her life/work balance is something to truly be admired, and her love for what she does really comes shining through in her images. Thanks again for having me Laura, I hope to come back again soon!!!”


Mentorship Review by Michelle Bishop of Mobile, Alabama.

 “I LOVED my 1:1 mentoring with Laura. I had been wanting to do a mentorship/workshop for a while, but really just didn’t know who to go to or where to begin even choosing from all the amazing newborn photographers around. Then I got am email from Laura saying she had a last minute 1:1 available. Well I jumped on it! And I am so glad I did. Laura is very easy to talk to, makes you feel comforable immediately, and is completely and honestly an open book. It was amazing to see how much you can get done in a 1.5 hour newborn session. My sessions normally took about 4 hours!!! The past 2 that I have done since meeting with Laura were about 2 hours!! Very excited about the extra editing time I was given back. My 1:1 was an amazingly wonderful experience and honestly I would LOVE to work with Laura again. Just being around her makes me feel I can do anything with a newborn! Thank you Laura.”


Mentorship Review – written by Kristen Elizabeth of Kristen Elizabeth Photography –  Jackson, TN

“Laura Brett’s mentoring session was awesome to say the least! She was so down to earth and easy to talk to… & that means a lot! She covered everything you could possibly imagine from newborn posing–sleeping techniques–post processing–setting up–pricing–dealing with clients to preferred vendors etc etc etc. Anything I wanted to cover, we did! She was so open to share all of her tips and secrets in post processing and posing. I love how she was so patient with the babies and worked so well with them in order to get the perfect shot down to their finger placement. I have gotten so much better at posing since attending her class! I have gained a life long friend and a world of knowledge from this experience and I am so thankful! I have received a ton of compliments on my photos since the session, and have gotten SO busy in the newborn department! I have seen a huge improvement in my work. Even though the mentoring session is over, If I ever need any help at all, she is just a text away and will help me any way she can (I have no idea how she has time as busy as she is….)! It was so worth the investment, i would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks so much Laura! :)”


Mentorship Review by Megan Evans of Dallas, Texas.

  “When I googled and looked for newborn photography workshops, Laura Brett’s workshop came up among many others. I’m not a newbie. I’ve been in business for a couple of years, but I felt like I was missing something. I use studio light for my newborn sessions, so I knew I wanted to take a workshop with someone who also used studio lighting and many of the other workshops are natural light. I wanted to learn from someone with a successful business who just happened to be a great teacher. Laura talks about business- how to get it and maintain it, SEO, developing a baby plan, etc. That was what mainly I needed along with some posing help. I LOVE watching others work, and seeing her in action was an eye opener for me. I had numerous light bulb moments during my two days with Laura, that’s for sure! Laura’s workshop gave me the confidence I needed to hit the ground running when I got home. I was inspired with new ideas and still am. I’d really like to specialize in newborn photography in the future, and Laura has given me the tools to help me make that happen. “


Mentorship Review – written by Amara Cohen of Amara Cohen Photography –  Boston, MA

“I recently took a workshop/mentorship with Laura Brett for photographing newborns. What a fabulous experience I had. It was amazing to watch Laura work, and to learn from her. I had had some experience with newborns prior to the workshop, but left with so much new information to help me with not only the photography side of newborns but with helping me run my business. After the end of each day (a two day workshop) I was ready to get going on updating my business and lining up newborns to photograph, I couldn’t wait to try it all! While Laura makes it look easy working with the newborns she made sure to tell us not to give up when the babies aren’t cooperating, and don’t let them see you sweat! The money spent on the workshop was well spent, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. If you have the chance to take a workshop with Laura, jump on it! There is so much she can teach you, even if you are a seasoned professional. Thank you Laura for the great experience I had in your Boston workshop! Best, Amara Cohen”


Mentorship Review – written by Mary Macomber of Peebles and Polka Dots Photography –  Worcester, MA

“Luckily, I somehow convinced Laura Brett to let me host a two day workshop for her up here in Boston this week. I was nervous to meet her, as I have been a follower for a long time. Immediately when we met, she made me feel comfortable, like we had known each other for a long time. I love talking newborn photography, and ummm hello! I was on full blast mode with Laura! She was full of so much information. She went over everything from posing, to soothing, to the business, editing, and more.

After the first night, I literally came home, walked into my house, saw my husband and started crying. It was a happy, excited, and damn this is so cool cry. I was so emotionally tied to all that she had shared. I just knew that was exactly what I needed to push me along my way in my Newborn photography. It was a cry of excitement. That I was finally truly understanding and got what I had been missing, and was taught things I can do that would make my photography that much better. And I mean THAT MUCH better. It was so uplifting. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has a concentration on newborns and wants to make their work go from ehhh to WOAH.

I mean, it’s pretty obvious if you like at my past work (embarrassing for me) compared to my session I just had after the workshop. HUGE difference. Gynormous difference. My fans are noticing, my clients are emailing me already saying HOLY MOLY what happened to you! Your work is amazing! That’s because I watched Laura, listened, and took lots of notes. I also took photos of her during the workshop to go back to and compare with my notes.

I like to think of her as the “baby whisperer” 🙂 She got those babies to do things I have never been able to do. And now after the workshop, I did them! SO awesome. I will be forever grateful to her for showing me how to nail these shots and make that baby know I am the one in control, not it. Seriously, if you are in doubt, need more confidence, need a boost, take this workshop! Laura is so welcoming to a gillion questions, this girl loves to talk! And I was a sponge for it all. I am not saying, “take this workshop” to try and get her students, I am saying, “take this workshop” because I did – and it changed my photography forever. “


Mentorship Review – written by Chesley Summar of Chesley Summar Photography – Nashville, TN

  “Where do I even begin with how wonderful Laura’s mentorship was?!! Laura was immediately welcoming and felt like an old friend. She showed me her setup, her prop room that is to die for, and explained in simple terms about how things would go and why she does the things she does. When the client arrived, I was right there with her, shooting along side her and making sure I was getting similar images to hers. The way she works with newborns is nothing short of amazing. Being a mom, I am comfortable with babies, but the things she taught me about how to handle the babies and how to best soothe them, have affected my confidence level more than anything else.

She is also a master at posing, and makes it look so easy. I went away with lots of easy to apply tips that have made a huge difference! Once the session was over, we went through all of our images and talked about everything that happened during the session. She also went through props, where to buy, etc. The business discussion was also super helpful, and I made several changes immediately after I came home. I can tell a HUGE difference in the newborn session I did right before I met her and the ones right after. My newborn business has increased dramatically since I spent the day with Laura. But, more than that, the way I feel going into a session is so much better. I used to love newborn sessions, but be so nervous about the way they would go. Now, I go in confidently and have not had a bad experience since.

Laura has also been a huge source of help since my day with her. She is quick to respond and is always helpful. She is a wealth of knowledge, and I am so thankful for her! Not only did I gain new skills and knowledge, but I feel like I also gained a friend!!”


What Other’s Have Said about our Workshop

 “I had an awesome experience at the Atlanta 2-1 mentoring session. Seeing the entire workflow, from setting up for a session to finishing the ordering gallery, left my head exploding with new ideas. Thank you for being such an open book! I really feel like I now have the tools to bring my photography to the next level.”

“Attending this workshop I learned so much , so many tips and very useful ideas… The class was very informative, and very fun. Everything I learned I will put it all into practice I can’t wait to have my next newborn to start doing what I learned!”

“What can I say, I learned so much from Laura and so appreciate all that she gave to us. Just some of the little things that I didn’t think about on how to sooth a baby and how to handle babies is so helpful and I have implemented that and cut down on my time in the studio with a newborn. So worth the money. Thanks Laura”

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