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{Can You Handle…} – Atlanta Newborn and Baby Photographer – Laura Brett

Another pair of beautiful babies?

With the month of April being Multiples Awareness Month, I’ve had the opportunity to capture some beautiful twins. It has been a pleasure being apart of such a wonderful event!

Now come meet M & P!

The M Family drove a from Spartanburg, SC to get some beautiful portraits of their twins. I actually went to high school with their dad, small world and wow that statement just made me feel old!  Thanks for stopping by the studio, it was wonderful meeting your family. 

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{Cousins} – Alpharetta/Roswell Child and Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting the C Family and their cousins on this summer like morning. They were excited to play and were so much fun to watch in action. Ranging from seven to ten months these cousins just love spending time together playing. Thanks to the C Family for being so fun, and we hope the grandparents enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them.

Just a warning there is major cuteness overload coming your way, I couldn’t narrow them down any further.

Enjoy the bond of cousins!

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