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{Glowing…} – Marietta Maternity and Newborn Photographer – Laura Brett

I had the delight of meeting the M family on this beautiful afternoon. They were such a loving couple, I felt honored to be in the presence of such devotion. She looked radiant and was just glowing with delight. Hard to believe she is only ten days away from her July 4th due date? Thanks to the M family it was wonderful meeting you, and we can’t wait to meet your son!

Enjoy the beauty of love.
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{Beautiful} – Dunwoody Baby and Child Photographer

Come meet Miss M all of six months old and her lovely sisters E & P. They were so much fun to capture on this afternoon, and look how adorable they are? Miss M was working on all of her new tricks from blowing raspberries, rolling over as I got her settled, and almost sitting. How could you not love those puckered lips? Thanks to the D family, it was wonderful meeting you!

Happy Half Birthday!
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